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Do's and Don'ts of Halloween in College

Halloween is the only exciting thing about October, besides football and if your birthday is in this month. As you grow up, your style of what type of costume to wear changes (hopefully). Halloween in college is totally different than Halloween as a high schooler, adult or child. Here are some do’s and don’ts of Halloween in college.

DO: Be Original
DON’T: Be Miley Cyrus
“Be original. You know that 50 percent of people in college are going to be Miley Cyrus,” said Samantha Bailey, senior at Auburn University.

You want to be original for Halloween. Come up with a unique idea of what to be. Miley Cyrus is crossing the costume line for Halloween, more like leaping over it. (Below photo from Amazon)

DO: Dress up
DON’T: Be a party pooper
“Don’t not dress up. This is college,” said Stephen Caton, sophomore at Auburn University. “Go out. Have fun. Dress up. It’s Halloween.”

Dress up for Halloween. It is only as fun as you make it, and surely you like to have fun in life.


DO: Dress for your gender
DON’T: Wear something that is not meant for you.
“Cross-dressing. Guys, it’s really not cute if you dress like Miley Cyrus from the VMAs,” said Mark Hodges, junior at Auburn University. “Nobody wants to see that.” 

This goes for girls and guys. Do not wear something that is not made for you. You are going to be wearing this in public. Be smart. 


DO: Make your costume
DON’T: Spend $50 on a cheaply made costume
“We are in college now, so don’t buy your costumes online,” said Kellie McCaffrey, freshman at Auburn University. “Be creative and make your own.”

Here is a picture of my friend Lauren, and she dressed up as Poison Ivy for Halloween. She made her costume and had an original idea.

DO: Have fun with your costume
DON’T: Dress revealing to get attention
“Girls, have fun with your costume but don’t be too revealing,” said Elyse Wisner, junior at Auburn University. “Less is not always more.”
Girls, dressing revealing does not always get you the best attention. There are plenty of costumes that will make you feel cute without having to dress super revealing.


I hope that all of these tips for Halloween as a college student help you make wise decisions this year on Oct. 31.

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