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Do you know your Auburn Faculty? Meet Julie Huff

Many students become wrapped up in their every day lives with the challenge of balancing school, play and everything in between. Rarely do we go back and contemplate our reasoning behind choosing Auburn. It usually comes down to what Auburn can do for us.

Julie Huff is in the business of discovering what she can do for Auburn.

As the director of Strategic Initiatives and Communication’s for the Provost’s Office, Huff is responsible for coordinating Auburn University’s strategic planning process, overseeing the communication initiatives for the Provost and managing projects that support the strategic goals of the Provost’s office. She is a direct influence to strategies and programs implemented by the university, which in turn, are central to persuading students to attend Auburn.

Huff has been in higher education for 13 years. Being a graduate teaching assistant while receiving her graduate degree opened up a career path in that had never been considered.

“I didn’t really choose it as much as it chose me. Teaching is a great opportunity to take something you like and are interested in and making it identifiable and relatable. By incorporating theory into that as well, it becomes a wonderful learning experience for you and others.” Huff says.

She was an instructor for four years and then moved into administration with the university in 2005. Within the Provost’s Office, Huff’s largest project has been the five-year strategic plan. Huff was directly involved in all coordinating and planning within the project. Producing a strong, bold vision for the university was a professional goal and Huff fully believes that she and all those involved accomplished that goal.

Her professional achievements are momentous, but her personal achievements are life changing.
“My crowning achievement comes every time I run into a student that I’ve taught who is doing what they want to do. I feel a little bit of success for that.” Huff says.

Providing students with a holistic college experience is central to Huff’s core values. Both academic and co-curricular activities shape each student into a successful individual and it is imperative that every opportunity be provided to students in order to achieve this success.

Julie Huff is young in her years, but wise in her experience and she plans to grow her knowledge everyday for the betterment of Auburn University. Each day brings a new opportunity to raise this university’s profile higher than before and Huff isn’t going anywhere soon.

“I hope to still be working on these great initiatives that help the university. I want us to be a leader in everything. I want Auburn University to be a destination for students and faculty. I want us to be known for all the great things that we do. We are taking it to the next level.” Huff said.

Huff demands greatness and if she has to, will scare the success out of others. She also goes above and beyond the bare minimum in whatever she does. When asked for one piece of advice she would give students, Huff, of course, gave three.

“Students shouldn’t be afraid to ask for help. Second, as a student, you need to start working on you professional portfolio as soon as you can. Also, graduate school is a good thing, too.” Huff said.
Huff says that a personal goal for the future could include a PhD but time with her family is priority right now.

Huff is married with two young boys, Brandon and Garret. She enjoys watching them both play baseball in the spring and helping them practice their throwing in the park. Huff brings her students into the family with hilarious anecdotes at the beginning of class, usually involving the boys’ highly entertaining elementary school drama.

Julie Huff’s endgame is simple. She strives for the success of her students. To help foster this, she also strives for the betterment of the institution educating those students.

According to Huff, “I don’t think about success in terms of what I’m going to do. I think about it in terms of what I can do for the university. I want to make Auburn the best institution it can ever be. It’s why I come to work for everyday.”

This is dedication. This is advancement. This is Julie Huff.

This is Auburn.

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