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Many people remember senior year of high school. The year that culminates all academic and extracurricular achievements. The year you make your first serious life-altering decision.

Do I go to college? How will I decide which school to attend?

For some the decision is innate. For some the decision is based upon financial aid, academics or sports. For some it’s the luck of the draw. For the rest, the decision is a grueling process. It involves weighing the pros and cons of ten different institutions and countless factors.

So, how do you know if you truly belong at Auburn?

Read through the following questions and keep track of your answers to find out.

1. At what age did you first wear Auburn attire?
a. Less than five years old
b. Middle school – High school
c. Not until I was an enrolled student
d. I’m not a student or alum, I just love Auburn
e. I’ve never owned anything orange or navy


2. What’s your favorite food?
a. Fried chicken
b. Mexican
c. Seafood, but only if it’s fresh off the dock
d. Italian
e. None of the above


3. What’s your spirit animal?
a. Tiger
b. Bear
c. Horse
d. Dog
e. Eagle

f.  I don’t have a spirit animal, but could identify with something like a tide of crimson



4. Which professional athlete is your favorite?
a. Cam Newton
b. Dwayne Wade
c. Chipper Jones
d. David Beckham
e. I know none of these people


5. What is your field of study (past, present or future)?
a. Agriculture
b. Engineering
c. Medical sciences
d. Design (interior, industrial, graphic)
e. Communications
f. Any of the more than 140 formal undergraduate majors Auburn offers?


6. If I could be half of a famous musical couple I would be…
a. Miranda Lambert/Blake Shelton
b. Beyonce/Jay-Z
c. Kurt Cobain/Courtney Love
d. They aren’t mainstream yet, so you wouldn’t know
e. Ew, who wants to be famous?
f. The Civil Wars (even though they broke up?)


7. How do you spend free time?
a. Doing outdoorsy things
b. The arts: painting, drawing, music, theater, photography, reading, writing, etc.
c. Playing video or computer games
d. Doing whatever activities that can be done while sitting on the couch
e. What’s free time?


8. Your political views are…
a. Conservative
b. Liberal
c. Blurred lines
d. Depends on the issue at hand
e. I’m not sure why government is a thing


The truth is, the answers you chose don’t matter because Auburn has something for everyone (but if you chose all As you probably already go here).

You may not watch soccer, but it’s a sport Auburn offers for men and women. You may hate fried chicken and barbecue, but the Auburn-Opelika area is full of a variety of restaurants. If watching Wiz Khalifa perform at a fraternity party sounds miserable, there are alternatives. Downtown Opelika has many venues where local music flourishes, and up and coming bands perform for less than $20.

The beauty of Auburn is that we are here because we each found something about it we love. We are different people when we enroll, and we are different people when we leave. It’s the unique change that happens while we’re here that bonds us forever...kind of like a family.


Interested in attending Auburn University? Please visit the Future Students page. Also, consider visiting Auburn for a Tour. We want you to join the Auburn Family … so Apply Now.

This is Auburn

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