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Imagine this: it is Finals’ Week and you have been stuck in the library for about four hours now. The clock is a minute away from striking midnight and you are desperate for some kind of break. Suddenly, the clock strikes twelve o’clock; you hear a loud ding echo throughout the building. Quickly after, you see an ambush of people running down the stairs in an eager rush to the first floor. What is happening? Where are these people running to, and why?

Well, these experienced students are running to “Up All Night”, a special event sponsored by the Student Government Association’s Senate and occurs every year during Finals’ Week. At “Up All Night,” students can stop by the first floor at midnight after a bell is rung and receive some free donuts, juice, and scantrons to give them a break from all the studying they have been doing, and potentially all of the studying they will continue to do through the morning hours. 

“I love working ‘Up All Night’ each semester actually,” states Charlie Whiting, Senator for the College of Architecture, Design, and Construction.  “It’s a great way to relieve students from studying and stress. I also find it funny when you see a lot of people run in at first with their eyes big and just ready to eat some free donuts. Overall, though, I’m glad that we, as Senators, are able to do this for the Auburn students.”

This year, “Up All Night” will take place from Sunday, December 2, through Thursday, December 6, at midnight each time. The donuts are donated by D Square Donuts off of University and Glenn.  Senate usually will run out of donuts and juice after the first 20-25 minutes, which explains the madhouse of students sprinting down every time.

This occurrence is an event that the Academic Affairs committee of Senate puts on at the end of each semester. The Academics Affairs committee has also recently been a huge help and supporter of Tiger Advisor, a new advising center for academic information resource located in the library.

All 34 members of Senate must work the event at least twice during the week. This gives them the opportunity to also meet with students in their colleges and ask them if they have any current concerns about Auburn policies or things they are having issues with as students. Senate’s purpose is to be the voice of the student body, so by helping at with the event, they are getting that chance to interact with a lot of them. 

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