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Dr. Spurlin Reveals Need for New Band Facility

Auburn University is comprised of a body of men and women that believe in and love Auburn. The men and women of the Auburn University Marching Band bleed and breathe Auburn’s creed. For a number of years, the band has had a growing need for a larger and more efficient facility. Now, with 380 members, the band does not have a facility large enough to effectively provide shelter and house equipment.

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Dr. Corey Spurlin, marching band director, says the band was relocated to a new practice field two years ago that has minimal coverage in the event of severe weather. The field is also farther from campus with no secure location for equipment. Game days are especially difficult.

“On game days, with rehearsal being on Saturday mornings, our students are no where to go,” Spurlin explains. “Even if we were still practicing on the old field, Goodwyn isn’t big enough to accommodate a band that is nationally known.”

Fortunately, Dean Anna Gramberg of the College of Liberal Arts donated $1 million to build a pavilion at the current field’s site that provides shelter and shade during practice, but the effort has a long way to go. The total cost of the project to build a new facility for the band is estimated at $12 million. Although this price tag is steep, Spurlin says that they are desperate for a facility.

“Our students are resilient, but it becomes frustrating on their part to put all the work in and not have a facility,” Spurlin says. “This is a pressing need, not a long-time lofty goal to improve the band.”

Spurlin explains that the new facility would be climate-controlled and include a large rehearsal room, storage for instruments and 900 uniforms, offices, a music library, changing rooms and restrooms. The facility would also provide separate rehearsal rooms for concert bands and allow the marching band to split up into sections for rehearsal.

While the band is in the Department of Music in the College of Liberal Arts, Spurlin explains how the band brings students from all over campus together. He says that “a new facility is important in keeping the band at the caliber it is now.”

Considering that, he says that band members take on the roles of ambassadors by living the Auburn Creed and representing Auburn men and women, on and off the field.

“As one of the largest students groups that comes together almost every day,” Spurlin continues, “the band holds a high standard in citizenship and integrity.”

The Auburn University Marching Band is not only reaching out to band graduates, but graduates of the entire university. While the band has done various promotions and spoken at many events in the surrounding areas, they need the support of the Auburn Family that they serve and support so well.

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