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Dreaming Disney-How a College Student Made Their Disney Dream Come True

Working at Walt Disney World is something of a dream for most people. Disney often times brings happiness to people and lets one relive their childhood through their favorite Disney characters.

Peyton Satterfield, senior majoring in public relations, has had the dream of working for Disney for years. Satterfield has been to Disney World with her family every year since she was five and has loved it every single time. It wasn't until six years later that she realized she could fulfill her dream and work for Disney. (Pictured: right, Peyton at Disney World).

"Working at Disney has been a dream of mine since I was 11 and realized it was a job I could actually have," Satterfield said. "I first heard of the Disney College Program in high school. I was a senior and met an alumnus of my high school who was currently a character performer in the Disney College Program."

Satterfield knew right then that she would apply to the Disney College Program as soon as she could. During her sophomore year of college, Satterfield applied for the program. The application is a three-step process that includes a job application, a web-based interview and finally a phone interview. Unfortunately, Satterfield wouldn't get into the program for her sophomore year.

"I made it all the way to phone interview only to be rejected in the end," Satterfield said. "It was really hard, but one of my favorite Walt Disney quotes is "You may not realize when it happens, but a kick in the teeth may be the best thing in the world for you."

Satterfield kept her determination of reaching her dream and applied again for the program the next year. This time around she got accepted into the program for the summer after her junior year but had to make a difficult decision. (Picture, left: Satterfield posing with characters at Disney world).

"I applied to be a Camp War Eagle Counselor at the same time," Satterfield said. "I ended up getting both and had to make a tremendously difficult decision-Disney or Auburn. I ended up doing Camp War Eagle and it has made me a better employee, lead me to most of my friends today and overall made me a more patient and compassionate person."

Satterfield enjoyed her time as a Camp War Eagle Counselor and kept her dream of her working in the Disney College Program in her mind. She applied to the program for the third time. This time making it her post-graduation plans.

"I was in class when I saw the email that I had been accepted and I almost cried," Satterfield said. "It was an overwhelming sense of things truly falling together. Let's just say the timing could not be more perfect."

Accomplishing a dream can take hard work and sometimes things don't always go as planned. Just because you don't accomplish the dream at the time you think you should don't mean it won't be a reality.

"If you're even considering the program, do it," Satterfield said. It will only be a dream as long as you just keep dreaming it. Only you have the ability to make it into a reality. Why wouldn't you."

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