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Eagle Eye News - hands on experience for landing that first big JOB!

Calling all students at Auburn University who are interested in how the T.V. industry works!

Eagle Eye News is Auburn University's premier student run news program located in the bottom floor of the Student Center.  If your looking for a unique opportunity that will give a background in the TV industry from how a television broadcast is produced to what is takes to read from a teleprompter for an on-air anchor, then Eagle Eye News is the place for you. Eagle Eye can give those experiences and more, but students must take the first step in joining the organization.  Eagle Eye meets every monday night at 6:00 p.m. in the bottom floor of the Student Center suite 1105.  The program started in the early ninety's as an outlet for students who wanted careers in the broadcast industry to get more hands on experience before graduation.  Since then the program has blossomed into a multi-show studio with three shows a week including two live shows.

Eagle Eye is run much like a real life news station would be run with a station manager leading the group.  I sat down with Station Manager Caroline Harrell to ask her what was some advice she could give to students interested in getting involved in Eagle Eye.  Harrell explains that “Eagle Eye is a unique outlet where you will get the chance to anchor the newscast as a freshman as compared to other schools where you don't get that opportunity until your a senior.”  Harrell also states that for students to get the best experience they have to come in and not leave. Harrell says, “most students come and get intimidated my all of the equipment, but the best thing to do is to come in and make friends to help each other learn together.”  Harrell is pleased she has stuck with Eagle Eye since she was a freshman and the program has definitely narrowed down the direction she wants to take for a career.

The equipment offered at Eagle Eye for students to learn and practice with is great for students to make mistakes now before landing that first big job as a reporter.  A typical story for a student would be to use one of Eagle Eye’s Pasonic cameras that reporters use to go in the field and shoot b-roll. Along with the b-roll students use wireless microphones to record stand-ups as well as conduct the interviews for the story.  After the reporters are done shooting their story they come back to the studio and have the option of editing their story on an Apple Final Cut editing system or an Avid editing system.  Both of the programs are cutting edge in the broadcast world and are great learning tool for students.  As a student, having the advantage of knowing the software before you graduate from college is crucial in finding that potential job offer.   

Eagle Eye also offers many opportunities to learn behind the scenes aspects of producing a news show. Realistically when you are watching a newscast you will see two anchors, a weather anchor and a sports anchor.  To those four people that you see on camera there are probably 50 or more people behind the scenes making sure everything running smoothly.  At Eagle Eye students get the opportunity to learn these behind the scenes techniques such as calling the show and directing it using the TriCaster system.  The knowledge of knowing which camera to take next or when to lower audio is crucial is to running a solid production. 

With Eagle Eye students get hands on experience in the TV industry and will be better equipped for that first job out of college.  It student want to know more about how to get involved in Eagle Eye they can contact the Membership Director Emily Johnson at or visit the website at Eagle Eye News

Eagle Eye News 8-27-12 from Eagle Eye TV on Vimeo.

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