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Eagle Eye TV: Thoughts from the Former Director of Marketing and Promotions

AUBURN, Ala. -- Took my last final this morning. One step closer to my December 2014 graduation date, one step closer to that "real world" I keep hearing about...

Unfortunately, chasing the future means learning to say goodbye too. I'm sad to be leaving Eagle Eye TV after an incredible year as its marketing and promotions director. My next endeavor is right around the corner and soon-to-be announced, but first? One last contribution to the place that became my home shortly after I transferred to Auburn. Thanks, y'all! It's been an honor. ‪#‎EagleEyeTV‬


  • As Eagle Eye’s promotions and marketing director, I also serve as its PR Committee Head and am part of a weekly Student Media PR meeting. I create most, if not all, of the campaigns/promotions you’ve seen in the past six months. As well as simply ordering, I also hand-design each promotional item and personally chose the vender from whom we order. I plan, design and create general evergreen (non-ending) campaigns as well as coordinating our social media interaction around the holidays and/or major events pertaining to the student body. As well as lending a hand to other staff members, I also assist in directing our reporters—answering questions, checking out equipment to them, etc. I also create the majority of Eagle Eye’s social media content and curate our events through photos and video clips. I interviewed, hired and am training an assistant/mentoree and founded a PR committee to boost distribution efforts. As with any job in public relations, you never know what each day will hold. Yesterday, I was putting AAA batteries in promotional flashlights. Today, I am designing Eagle Eye’s summer campaign for Camp War Eagle and S.O.S. events as well as preparing to pitch a presentation to better unite AU’s student media groups.  


  • Although Eagle Eye TV was founded in 1992, its PR department began with me just six months ago. It’s been a massive undertaking, but one of the most thrilling things about my job—the legacy I hope to leave. Branding is my passion, and my time with Eagle Eye has allowed my to expand my abilities and hone my skill. I’ve learned much more than I ever set out to, and I’m eternally grateful. It’s grueling and overwhelming, but my thoughts on the position are simple — I love PR. And I love my job.


  • It’s never worth it until it’s worth it. That’s been a favorite phrase of mine while working at Eagle Eye because, as with many positions, gratification is often delayed. While I don’t like disappointing others, I hate disappointing myself. Even though campaign creation and monitoring can be tedious, it’s beginning to pay off in the results. I’m proud to say that Eagle Eye TV’s social media presence has increased by nearly 85 percent in just six months. That’s excellent by industry standards, but I’m not settling. I hope to help Eagle Eye become even more of a powerhouse on campus. When I came back in 20 years, I want to see the committees and positions I’ve implemented maintained, and the “lofty ideas” I’m famous for having, implemented and expounded upon. It’s a lot of work, and it’s a long journey; but it’s one I know Eagle Eye is equipped to endure. It’s never worth it until it’s worth it, but each day it’s worth a little more.


  • DO IT! Jump in or enjoy the view. Your college experience is what you make it. As with many student organizations, you can get as involved as you’d like in Eagle Eye—arguably, the only place you can come in as a freshman and be producing your own show by sophomore year.
    When I joined, it was because the PR position caught my eye. But, why did I jump on that? I am a transfer student from the University of South Florida and was struggling to find a place to fit, as I was a new junior here at Auburn University. If I hadn’t seized the opportunity I’m living now, I might still be sitting in front of the hundreds of emails I receive per day—watching other people take my place. This is Auburn, rain or shine. But, this is my Auburn because I took ahold of my future with an unrelenting grip. Get engaged. Get involved. Get passionate. You might be surprised as how far that mentality will get you in your life. Remember, it won’t be worth it until it’s worth it.

    So many students benefit from working with us at Eagle Eye TV. While students interested in the radio, television and film industry predominantly compose our organization, we are open to all majors and levels of experience.a. Last May, I received my millionth email of the day at nearly 11 p.m. It was a mass email mentioning the open position at Eagle Eye TV with vague details. By 11 p.m. the next evening, I had created a marketing strategy for Channel 6.1 and setup an interview time with our station manager, Caroline Harrell, after presenting my strategy at a pre-interview meeting with her that day. I went in for the final interview, presented a promo video I had edited together and had the job by the end of the week.


Founded October 1992, Eagle Eye TV Channel 6.1 is proud to bring Auburn University its news, sports and entertainment on the only student-run college station in the state! Thanks to SAP funding, Eagle Eye TV can focus on its most important members – its viewership and student reporters/producers in this unique learning-lab setting. Former members have interned at ESPN, The Weather Channel, FOX News, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and many more. Eagle Eye TV alumni can also be spotted working at major networks such as CNN, Nickelodeon, Viacom, ESPN, ESPNU and several local stations all over the country. Eagle Eye TV strives to create a learning environment uniquely formed to serve aspiring reporters, camerapersons, still/motion graphic designers, computer programmers, 3-D animators, commercial directors and more. If you want to be anywhere from in front of the camera, behind it or anything in between, Eagle Eye TV has you covered! Eagle Eye meets every Monday night at 6 p.m. in the Eagle Eye TV/WEGL 91.1 lobby (AUSC Suite 1105, to the left of Go Greek) and welcomes all majors. No experience is necessary, and it’s never too late in the semester or your academic career to join! Any student with creativity and dedication is welcome.

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