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Earning While Learning: Auburn Students Believe in Work, Hard work

One of the constant, age-old struggles of being a college student has always been balancing a budget. In a frenzy of studying, spending, stressing and splurging, money can be tight for college students. However, there are many students at Auburn University who manage to find the time to live a balanced, college lifestyle.

While the busyness of college and involvement opportunities on campus may sometime seem overwhelming, two Auburn University seniors have successfully balanced on campus jobs during their time studying and participating in other various extracurricular activities.

Tonya Eslami, a biomedical sciences pre-physicians assistant major, worked at the Auburn Fund Phonathon for two years during her time at Auburn. The Phonathon is a crucial fundraising initiative responsible for calling donors, alumni and friends of Auburn on behalf of the university to fundraise for the different colleges.

“It was a valuable learning experience and a great job,” Eslami said. “I got to meet new people and work with friends, and my communication skills definitely improved. I also learned a lot about the university that I didn’t know before.” 

Some current students would be surprised to know that working on campus can also provide benefits.

“While learning a lot about the university, I also received priority class registration. My boss understood that school comes first and gave us resources to do well which relieved a lot of stress,” said Eslami. 

Most working students say the toughest part about having a job while in college is time management and balancing several activities at one time. On-campus jobs usually have flexible hours and scheduling for full-time students.

Allison Oliver, a senior, works at Chicken Salad Chick on campus and has found the ability to use her time wisely.

“I pay for most of my living expenses, so it is important to me that I work enough hours but I also didn’t want to jeopardize my school work or other activities I’m involved in,” Oliver said. “It took some time to find what worked best for me, but I love working at a flexible job.”

Oliver says a lot of benefits she receives from her on-campus job would not be available at another job other wise. 

“I never feel overwhelmed because Chicken Salad Chick always closes before 5 and works around my class schedule. It’s very convenient to be able to walk to and from work as well without having to use gas money,” Oliver said.

It’s no secret that Auburn University students believe in “work, hard work” as defined by the Auburn creed. The university offers several opportunities to assist students in finding part-time jobs both on and off-campus. 

The Auburn University Career Center and Tiger Recruiting Link are just two useful tools to help students earn while they learn.

The Career Center hosts several career fairs and various workshops throughout the year. The office also offers resources like resume editing and interview developing skills to help students successfully market themselves to employers.

Students are welcome to visit the Career Center office in Mary Martin Hall by appointment or walk-in. For more information about the Career Center, visit the website.

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