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It’s ethically shown that grocery stores provide expiration dates for their consumers. Yet, are these expiration dates always needed? Poultry nutrition major, Sam Rochell, along with others, found out through an in-depth experiment that eggs are healthy and safe up to a year after their expiration date. Even though health doesn’t decrease, the quality of the egg may. Grocery shopping is tedious, but should now go faster due to eggs getting marked off the ‘to-get’ list!

Rochell, a resident of Athens, Alabama, became interested in poultry nutrition through his hands-on experience working on a poultry farm. This is common to that of the North Alabama region due to the vast number of poultry farms located there. Alabama is the third largest broiler producing state enabling 75,000 jobs in poultry.

One in every eight dollars is produced from poultry adding up to almost nine billion dollars a year in business. With the economy failing, poultry production is doing its best to provide work due to the increasing appetites among Americans.

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Auburn University is doing well throughout their poultry science division in the business of agriculture. Currently Auburn University upholds 21 chicken houses in south Auburn with numbers on the rise. As of now the construction of a five million dollar feeding mill is being implemented in north Auburn to increase the number and health of chickens. The feeding mill will be located near the fisheries unit in north Auburn along with a new poultry farm, which will be operating in five to seven years.

Within the poultry science major students get to participate in field trips. The most recent field trip that Rochell attended was to the Chik-Fil-A headquarters in Atlanta. Chick-Fil-A has grown to become the second largest quick-serve chicken restaurant chain in America. There are Chick-Fil-A’s found in 37 states with more than 1380 restaurants that exceed two billion dollars in annual sales. It’s here that Rochell learned how poultry production is managed throughout Chick-Fil-A restaurants. “Even though the trip was educational, one of the most memorable moments was trying the peach milkshake two days after it was approved to go to market,” said Rochell. “Taking a tour in Truett Cathy’s office, the founder, was inspirational.”

In addition to field trips, students participate in hands-on activities such as lab experiments and farm labor. “In my poultry production class we had the privilege of raising our own set of birds,” said Rochell. Auburn University’s poultry science/nutrition majors are well-rounded in all aspects of educational research.

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