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Eight Reasons A-Day is a Great Tradition

A-day is a great event held every spring, where Auburn plays itself and people are able to experience a Spring tailgate and get that Auburn spirit fix. The game will be played Saturday, April 18 at Jordan-Hare Stadium. A-day is a great experience for a variety of reasons. I’ve written a few that I think help make it such an awesome tradition.


1. The Auburn Family

A-day is one of the best events in the spring simply because of that great feeling of being a part of something big.  This happens every game day but is especially present during A-day when it’s just for fun. No one really wins or loses. (Photo via Google Public Use Search. Wikimedia.)


2. Football in the spring

A-day is a football game but unlike other football games in Auburn it happens in the spring. At this point, most people haven’t been to a college game in months. You start to miss game day and long for the fall. A-day helps with the waiting until next fall. Who can’t help but love that? (Photo via Google Public Use Search. Wikimedia.)


3. Checking out the upcoming seasons team

A-day as allows Auburn fans to get a sneak peek at what the team will look like in the coming fall.  A lot of people like to go to A-day to get a basic idea of how good the Tigers are shaping up for the upcoming season. A-day brings people hope and excitement for next fall's season. (Photo via Google Public Use Search. Wikimedia.)

4. Tailgating

In the same way, people miss football in the spring they also miss what is arguably the best part of football

,tailgating. Tailgating on A-day allows people to enjoy the spring weather. Not to say weather in the fall isn’t great but the spring in Auburn is warm and people are just glad to get outside since winter. "A-day marks for me the countdown for football and tailgating," said Auburn student Ryan Chatterton. (Photo: Tailgating at the amphitheatre.)


5. The New Oak Trees

As we all know two new Oaks were recently planted in Toomer’s corner.  Although the trees will not be able to be rolled until 2016, A-day will be the first game since the planting of the trees. Even though it’s not an official in season game it will be a nice experience to be a part of. (Photo: Oak trees.)


6. Good for the Whole Town

A-day is great for the entire town of Auburn. People are out and about downtown going to shops and restaurants.  A-day is good for both the morale of downtown Auburn as well as the economy. (Photo: Toomer's Corner)


7. Affordable Fun 

A-day, unlike regular season games, is free for students and $5 for non-students. This makes A-day a great event to attend for a small fee if at all.  Who can say no to a football game that doesn’t cost them any money?(Photo: Jordan-Hare Stadium)


8. No Away Teams

Not that having away team fans in Auburn is a negative but on A-day it’s all about Auburn. A-day is strictly devoted to the love of Auburn football. Everyone at the game is simply there to watch Auburn play. No matter what happens Auburn is still on top. Not to mention nobody will yell “Roll Tide” or any other chants during the day. (Photo via Google Public Use Search. Flickr.)

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