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Emily Ann Tatum :: From College to Marriage and Starting Her Own Business - Tin Roof Cutting Boards

Today's featured blogger probably won't see this post for awhile.  She's on a safari in South Africa.  So, that should help setup the diversity of posts you'll find in Emily Ann (Quattlebaum) Tatum's blog.

African Safari ... cheerleader ... Henry Kissinger ... southern crafts ... Tin Roof Cutting Boards and Tough Country Sawmill joining forces for ecommerce?  Yes, today's featured Auburn alumna blogger is unique.

She writes about life with her husband, John.  Then, Emily Ann easily segues into stories about fashion, crafts, her business and more.

If you're an Auburn fan, you've likely seen Emily Ann.

Emily Ann Quattlebaum was a cheerleader for Auburn from 2006-2008.  Graduating in 2008 with a degree in public relations, she became Emily Ann Tatum on May 31, 2008.  John Tatum, her husband, also graduated from Auburn with a degree in finance.

Emily Ann was destined for The Loveliest Village.

"Like many Auburn students, I was 'encouraged' to like Auburn at a young age. I have photos with Aubie as a wide eyed preschooler, oblivious to my future obsession and now adoration with the school as an alum. I choose Auburn University for the cozy town it’s settled in and the indescribable football seasons each fall," said Emily Ann. "What I found was much more. Auburn offered me endless opportunities and experiences that have indefinably impacted the woman I am and the way I see the world."

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Emily Ann Quattlebaum Tatum | Tin Roof Cutting Boards

Honesty is a hallmark trait of Emily Ann's.  "I hate to say, but I might as well have enrolled in classes for the thrill of participating in the extra-curricular. I couldn’t get enough of Auburn and I wanted to experience it in as many different ways as possible."

A continuing shared characteristic of all our bloggers has been, they are very involved and active people.  Emily Ann is no exception.

"Some of my activities included: Auburn University Cheerleader, SGA Senator for the College of Liberal Arts, Top 5 Miss Homecoming, 2nd Runner Up Miss Auburn University, Miss Fall Rush, Freshman Forum, Alpha Delta Pi Sorority, High School Leadership Conference Counselor, Dean’s List, SGA Cabinet, Who's Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges, Mortar Board National Senior Honor Society, and Omicron Delta Kappa National Leadership Honor Society."

After college, our alumni bloggers seem to feel a need to keep in touch with their friends and family as they go off on their life's travels.  Blogs offer them an easy way to self-publish.

Emily Ann writes both for personal pleasure - documenting their travels - and for her business, Tin Roof Cutting Boards.

"I chose to start a personal blog when my life turned upside down eight months ago. My husband and I had a vision to create a work environment we could embrace for years to come," said Emily Ann.  

"Two pivotal occurrences led to our new adventure: his side internet business had grown to a full time job and our house that had been on the market (with no bites) had sold.  We jumped on the opportunity to create the lifestyle we knew we wanted," said Emily Ann.

The plan is working.  Emily Ann and John are living that dream.  "Now, we work side by side managing websites, brainstorming ideas, researching products and people, and of course troubleshooting. It's always an adventure!"

"With a personal blog, the options are truly limitless. Our flexible schedules allow for a good bit of travel so that is usually a topic," Emily Ann said.  "I also write about my experiences, my work and other personal projects. I’ve discovered that when I’m in a routine of writing that I’m constantly and consistently more attentive to LIFE."

"I notice things around me that I would have otherwise mentally skipped over. I want to absorb all that is around me so that I can turn around and share it on my blog an reinforce it into my memory. As with any skill, practice makes perfect and I want to keep my writing skills and creativity challenged and working," Emily Ann said.

Read more and visit Emily Ann's sites to follow their journey through marriage and business.  Emily Ann on Facebook | blog | Tin Roof Cutting Boards - Facebook | Tin Roof Cutting Boards Store


This series highlights students and alumni blogging.

Whether it be for personal pleasure or for work, the practice seems to be growing.

This has now become a four-week series.

~ Robert French

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