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ePortfolio Program Helps Students Prepare for Life After Auburn

The start of fall begins job-hunting season for many college students looking forward to life after graduation. While some students may be working to improve resumes and cover letters, other Auburn University students are looking to build an ePortfolio through the university’s e-Portfolio Project Student Workshop Series which runs out of the Office of University Writing.

“It’s free but we do ask students to register” said Dr. Lesley Bartlett, assistant director of university writing.

The program consists of six sessions. The sessions are not all consecutive in order to give students more time to work on their ePortfolio. If students attend all sessions, they will leave with a solid draft of their ePortfolio. While there are resources online, the program is not an online course.

Sessions are already underway for this semester, however, Bartlett said that the next series is planned to start in February. The session facilitator changes based on the topic and session.

Sessions are available to both graduate and undergraduate students and Bartlett said that a wide variety of majors use the program. While some students may use the ePortfolio program to fulfill a class requirement, others chose to make an ePortfolio for personal use.

According to Heather Stuart, program administrator for the ePortfolio project, the ePortfolio allows students to upload documents that support their skills and experiences. This helps students display their experiences and have one cohesive story.

The program is not as focused on technology like other ePortfolio programs, but places a large importance on reflective writing, said Stuart. Reflective writing helps students understand what they learned from experiences and helps them apply it to future experiences after college.

According to Stuart, the benefits that students receive from the program are both internal and external. The internal benefits it that it helps students reflect on why they choose their major and what they want to do after college. Externally, the program is useful in applying for jobs, internships and awards.

The ePortfolio program is not just for students starting the job hunt, Stuart said that younger students may use the experience to decide what career path they may want to take.

“(The program is) a way to make meaning out of their Auburn experience” Bartlett said about the program. She said that it lets students demonstrate what they are doing and reflect on what they have done.

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