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Exam Week Care Packages Helps Student to Succeed

Waiting outside by the P.O. box for the UPS truck to pull up around the same time that several students are studying for midterms is not a coincidence. For Logan Click, an Auburn University sophomore, receiving a care package during midterm and final exams is what keeps her going.


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Click says that her mom sends her a package about once a month with small gifts inside an a couple of larger packages twice a semester during exams. Often times her packages include peppermints, cookies, cupcakes, pencils, pens and other study aids. Click said her favorite package so far has been the package her mother sent her with Gigi’s cupcakes and bubbles inside!


“The bubbles were a great distraction from work which helped me get away from studying for a little bit,” says Click. Taking breaks from studying every couple of hours has proven to often times decrease stress levels in students, particularly when the distraction is fun and child like. Click said that her Gigi’s cupcakes were delicious as well and while nutritionists will tell you not to eat too much sugar while studying because of the sugar high and soon after sugar crash that it will create, a little sugar never hurt!


Peppermints have been proven to stimulate brain activity and help students to focus. Click says she has yet to get a package that has not had peppermints since she started college. “I don’t know about your family, but my parents are strict about grades so I have to stay on top of my game,” says Click. She says she takes her school work seriously and because of this exam time can become a high-stress time for her.


“These packages aren’t just about the sugar and fun stuff inside,” says Click, “It gives me something to show that my efforts aren’t going unnoticed and helps me to calm down long enough to realize that while my grades are important, I won’t die just because I don’t score as high as I want to.


For Click, the idea that there is someone there to remind her of how much she means to them during such a stressful time for her seems to be of help. Click says if you aren’t getting packages, it’s time to call home because you are missing out!

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