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If you're into exercise and the way the body moves, Exercise Science is the track for you to choose.
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In the College of Education and the Department of Kinesiology, Exercise Science "...prepares students for professional programs such as medicine, physical therapy and occupational therapy and for graduate study in exercise science sub-disciplines of Biomechanics, Exercise Physiology and Motor Behavior," according to the Exercise Science page on Auburn University's website.  


The course work in this major emphasizes physiological, biomechanical and psychological aspects of human function in response to exercise and physical activity.


Most people will continue to graduate school after graduating.  Auburn offers a Masters program as well as a Graduate Certificate in Movement Skill Analysis.  Senior Kathryn Bryan is getting some work experience before going to graduate school to become a Physical Therapist.


"After graduation I want to go to [Physical Therapy] school, so I am going home to get some observation hours and finish up taking some classes and then applying to PT school," said Bryan.


Bryan hopes to work with children after getting her Master's Degree because her passion is being able to help someone who may not be able to help themselves.


"After PT school I want to go into child's rehab and work with children that are just now having problems walking, as in... they could have broken a bone or even just developmental problems as they grew," said Bryan.


When Bryan was a freshman at Auburn she originally wanted to be a nurse, but after doing some research about other programs she quickly decided against being a nurse and knew Exercise Science was the right major for her to pick.


"I picked Exercise Science just because I've always been really active and I like to stay active and so it just kinda allowed me to see ... the inside workings of exercise and what all goes into it and how it helps your body," said Bryan.


Although Bryan didn't start out as an Exercise Science major, she still has advice that she finds pertinent for incoming freshman to know.


"...Don't get discouraged at times when things can get really difficult or seem really difficult because... your professors are there to help," said Bryan. "And don't be afraid to ask because they're there and willing to help you at all times."


Bryan is graduating this May and is excited about starting her new journey, but gives credit to Auburn for preparing her the right way.

“Auburn has really prepared me for graduate school,” said Bryan.  “The teachers were there when I needed help and I know I’m ready for the next step.”

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