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Experiencing Nature with the Outdoor Adventure Club

As a student it can be easy to get lost in the whirlwind of classes, football and social events. For the majority of students, that may be all that’s necessary for a happy college life, but for students like Rob Coleman there was still something missing.

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“OAC ( Outdoor Adventure Club) is a club that a lot of people join because there is a void in their life. Many of our members were eagle scouts or just spent a lot of time outside before they came to college. This club allows them to get back to what they love,” said Coleman.

    The Outdoor Adventure Club, OAC for short, is composed of a group of students who love to spend time doing things outside. It brings students who were once strangers together on weekend trips where everyone leaves with a handful of new best friends. The club is casual in its composition. The trips are planned by the members, not the president or team of exec. This allows each semester to be different and exciting because any student can request to take a specific trip.

    “ We pick things that have to do with the outdoors and we plan one to two trips a month. We’ve been camping in the Carolinas, kayaking in north Alabama, rock climbing, zip lining and caving. We usually stay in Alabama, but there’s really no limit to it. The adventures evolve depending on who’s in the club at the time,” said Coleman.

    Coleman urges students not to be afraid to join because of a lack of experience. This club is also for people looking to become adventure junkies. Each trip provides options for the less experienced.

    Having been a member, an officer and now the senior adviser, Coleman says that his favorite trip is their ski trip that happens every January. “It’s the only trip that we set in stone. Everyone always looks forward to it because I think a lot of Alabama natives don’t get many chances to see snow.”

     And if those reasons alone weren't reason enough to join, the club is looking to add more local trips to the calendar. Think slack lining in Town Creek and hiking in Chewacala. The goal is to make adventures accessible to everyone especially those who can’t take the trip to North Alabama because of school or money.
    When asked why more students should join OAC, Coleman said that it is a great way to meet new people, you get to explore the outdoors and you can even learn a lot about yourself!

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