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This year, Auburn University’s Art Department is holding the 2011 Drawing on Alabama exhibition. This exhibition is specifically tuned to display works from Alabama artists of all ranges, with no education or training necessary. 

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According to Auburn University’s Art Department website, Alabama artists 18 years and older were invited to submit up to three drawings of any medium, format or theme by digital submission in the fall. In early November, Guest Juror Carter Foster, Curator and Curator of Drawing of The Whitney Museum of American Art, selected artworks to be displayed.


Of what was chosen, there are currently 42 artworks by 37 artists representing 18 Alabama communities on display in the Biggin Hall Gallery.


What’s most noticeable about these numbers in this exhibition is the variety of areas represented in Alabama. With artists from 18 Alabama communities, the variety of artwork also allows a unique experience for the Auburn community to become exposed to more than what is available the plains. 


This exhibition also allows Auburn art students to experience local artists’ work in one unified setting. 


“Viewing this exhibition has helped me grow as an artist”, Auburn University senior and art major, Ashley Wingo says, “I would have never experienced local art the same way. I think it is important to see and study this work to understand the culture of the arts in this great state.”


This exhibition of work is giving viewers the opportunity to observe local art, which gives them a chance to observe and learn local culture. As an art student, observing other art is also is very beneficial in the learning process of an artist.


This exhibition is not only great for the art students; it is also great for the Auburn community. It is an excellent example of the current state of the arts in Alabama and a way to expose the community to something new and rewarding.

The uplifting element of this exhibition is that it is also very beneficial to the artists who work is being displayed. Drawing on Alabama gives these artists a chance to display their work to the public in a professional setting and develop their careers as artists. 


This exhibit is inspirational to all, whether you enjoy every piece or not, or are new to the art world. It is a must view. 


Overall, Drawing on Alabama 2011 shows many diverse approaches to art from local artists and it benefits both the viewer and the artist.


All of the artworks will be up for viewing until February 4th, 2011 in Biggin Gallery 101 in Biggin Hall.

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