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Exploring Europe: Most Underated Places Seen on the Grad Trip

When you think of an adventure through Europe what comes to mind? The three major travel destinations have mostly been London, Paris, and Rome. These are the classic cities that have much to offer, including massive lines of tourist. Even though these are a must see, there are several other underated places that can be just as enjoyable without the crowds. Here are my top 3 underated sites featured on the 2013 Grad Tour.

3.Milan- Although mostly overlooked for Florence or Venice, Milan boasts a surprising number of tourist attractions. Known as the fashion and design capitol of the world, Milan serves up the best Europe has to offer in luxury shopping. Be sure to check out the "Fashion Quadrilateral", home to Europe's most prestigious brands. If you're an art and architecture buff, Milan is home to works such as The Last Supper and the magnificent Duomo cathedral . If that's not your thing, attend elegant concerts at the Teatro alla Scala or go hiking at lake Como. Lastly, food and fun runs rampart in Milan as it features over 700 restaurants and 150 wine bars. Some of the best can be found in the Navigli region depicted above. Auburn grads also have the chance to join other schools at the Viva Italia pizza party at a rustic trattoria.

2. Pompeii- The ancient city buried under steaming hot volcanic ash. The bodies of stunned citizens lay frozen in time as the culprit Vesuvius looms in the background. This is one of the most enchanting places in Europe. Most of the city is perfectly preserved with courtyards and bathhouses. Visitors are allowed to explore the grounds and eat at nearby  restaurants serving all the classic foods citizens would have eaten at the time of the eruption. It's a chilling and thoughtful experience that shows the majesty of nature and the fragility of life. (Photo credit Destination360 Pompeii")

1. Greek Isles of Patras, Gratas, and Poros- The 'vacation within a vacation', Auburn students will relax here for three days sunbathing, eating, and sailing. The Greek Isles are one of the best kept secrets in Europe. With warm, aquamarine waters and beautiful landscapes, this place is a favorite of many of the trip goers. The islands include many sightseeing adventures such as the Temple of Poseidon, and the forest of Lemenodasso which contains over 30,000 lemon trees! The food is exceptional and most places feature homemade wine and traditional live music. There is also a sailing adventure around the island that features  waterskiing, wakeboarding, parasailing, and banana-boating. To sum up the breathtaking adventure all the Grad Trip patrons are invited to an exclusive toga party the last night on the island.

To learn more about the Auburn 2013 Grad Trip see here.

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