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Apparel Merchandising, a major found in the College of Human Sciences is more than just stitching and sewing. Students in this major learn a variety of skills needed to succeed in this career. Examples of this are textile fiber, design and production, and sourcing and merchandising.

Through courses taught by faculty members who are experienced in the industry, students in the AMDP major gain the skills needed. This gives them an edge in whichever field of the apparel they choose.


Erika Torres, a junior in this program explains that her love for fashion is what initially interested her in the major. Her classes are lectures and labs, where she learned to sew and draw sketches. She has taken a wide range of classes that have thoroughly prepared her to succeed in this industry. For example, she has taken Marketing, Accounting, Fashion Forecasting, and Merchandise Planning and many more.


This program has high expectations for the students involved. Students are required to earn at least a “C” on all required Consumer Affairs Courses. They must maintain a 2.2 ungapped cumulative g.p.a to enroll in future courses. 


Torres explains, “When you are doing something you really love, it doesn’t feel like school work. To me, making the grades isn’t an issue because I put 100% into all of my projects, this is my future and I want to gain the best experience while doing the best of my capabilities.”


Students in this major have many options after graduation. They can become a buyer for a clothing company. They may choose a different route by working for a fashion PR firm. Other jobs include, but are not limited to, working for fashion magazines or opening your own fashion store or PR business.


Torres says, “In the future I want to work for a fashion Public Relations company. I want to execute high end fashion shows and assist in making such a big event come to life.”


Apparel Merchandising is a hands-on major. A class called apparel production is one that Torres will be taking in the fall. This class is taught to teach students how to design and make clothes. Obviously, this cannot be done through a test, and students learn to sew and create clothing by working with their hands.


“My major has impacted my life because it has made me have a drive and motivation to do the best I can, so that I can eventually end up doing what I love to do. Hopefully my hard work will pay off and I can work for an amazing designer or open up my own PR firm which is my main goal,” Torres says.  

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