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Finding the perfect living space in Auburn can be challenging. Some find it very similar to finding their one true love. Finding the perfect space can take years to happen, while on the other hand, some never do.

When apartment hunting, I personally look for certain features before deciding if it is worthy of a closer look. Some common features most college students look for are a swimming pool, a gym, abundant parking and if it offers a stop on the tiger transit.

I never quite realized how valuable it was to live in a community where they do have a transit stop it saves quite a hassle when figuring out how to get to school.

Upon interviewing another student I have found that many of us do not differ greatly in what it is we are looking for.

For instance, Jenna Knox simply prefers to live outside of the hustle of the University. She opted to live off Wire Road in a mobile home park. She appreciates the privacy that living away from everyone offers, but also enjoys how she is just a couple of miles from all of the action. When 

I asked Jenna what it is she enjoys about her home she named several things. Her favorite things about where she lives are that her neighborhood is pet friendly for her dog Romeo; she has a grass space where he can play for hours. Another thing that she favored is her large bedroom and closet. 

Jenna loves to go shopping and can never pass up a good sale. So for Jenna, closet space is of highest importance. When asked what her must haves for selecting a home she listed: privacy, large rooms and a nice kitchen.

Personally I prefer to live inside the perimeter of East University. I like it still far enough away from campus that I can separate my personal life from my school life. I chose to move to Asbury Hills for several reasons. First is privacy. I tend to not want to be bothered with people throwing outrageous parties and playing drinking games into the wee hours during the week. 

My neighborhood does an excellent job of keeping out the partiers. Second on my list is parking. I never realized how crucial it is to have plenty of parking until I moved to Auburn. It seems everywhere in this town is a tow-away zone. I consider myself to be blessed enough to have a private garage while still plenty of parking by the pool.

Finally on my list of necessities is plenty of space to live inside. I certainly enjoy having plenty of space for many reasons. I like having a big bedroom so I can fit my furniture and television comfortably. I also like having a big closet. I like to be able to display all of my clothes and accessories so I can keep inventory of what I do have or else I will forget.

It seems that each of us want different things when choosing a space to call our own.  We all have that mental checklist of items that we like our neighborhoods to offer.  In the end finding a perfect space can be difficult, but it is certainly not impossible.

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