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When deciding what college to attend, it's important to choose the place where you feel most at home. You should consider the different factors that will fill your sense of comfort. If you could choose any school in the country to attend, what would be your perfect home for four years? In making this decision, though, let go of your comfort zone, step out of your "bubble" and find that one place that can truly be your home away from home.

"For as long as I can remember I've always wanted to be that outgoing and involved person, but my introverted reputation in the small town of Stuart, Florida preceded me. When it was time to choose a college my first thought was, 'Finally! An opportunity to go somewhere that absolutely no one knows me so I can become the person I really want to be.' I was the only one from my graduating class to come to Auburn, and only one other person from my whole county chose Auburn as well. That meant a clean slate and new beginning. The rest is history," said student Victoria Jackson. (Photo, right: courtesy of Sara Turnley)

Stepping out of your zone

In college, you are faced with challenges, presented with opportunities and introduced to people from all walks of life. The years you spend in college are the time you learn life knowledge, you discover your purpose and you learn a lot about who you are as an individual. It isn't until you step out of your comfort zone, though, you truly learn about yourself.

"I think it's important to step out of your comfort zone to experience new things, meet new people and gain a more positive outlook on life," said Grace Bonacum, a student from California.

Challenging your self-imposed limits is essential to personal growth, and when choosing the college that will be your home allow yourself to test those limits. Focus on the factors that fill your sense of home, then jump the line and open your mind to new possibilities. Whether it's attending a university in a different state or the same state but expanding your friend group outside of high school friends, there are multiple ways to achieve personal growth when choosing where to attend.

"I chose to go to an out-of-state school because I wanted to meet new people. A lot of my friends were going to University of Georgia, Georgia College & State University or Georgia Southern and I wanted to do my own thing," said student Ashton Wilkes."Getting involved and finding a place to plugin really helped me find my niche. I found some of best friends in my sorority and in some of my major classes! In my four years here, my friends pushed me out of my comfort zone, encouraged me to try new things and wanted me to be my best self."

Finding your home at Auburn

Auburn University has many factors that positively fill a sense of home. From meeting new people through involvement to using the many student services provided, making Auburn home is simple yet it will leave a lasting impact on your life.Through rich tradition and small-town family feel, Auburn has the ability to be the home away from home for anyone. 

"My mom went to Auburn, so I knew all the fun experiences and traditions I could be a part of. Auburn has been an incredible home away from home, and I can't imagine my life any other way," said Wilkes. (Photo, right: courtesy of Auburn University Office of Communications and Marketing)

"If there's one thing that makes Auburn a great home away from home it's the community. Not to mention southern tradition and everything that encompasses, like food and hospitality, are a plus too" said Bonacum.

Of course stepping out of your comfort zone and finding your college home can have its challenges, but when you find the right place to attend these challenges won't stop you. 

"There were times of homesickness. Homesickness is hard and no fun, but the lowest of lows will never compare to the highest of highs that my experience at Auburn University has given me," said Jackson.

Take that leap of faith, expand your comfort zone and find your second home at Auburn University.

Jackson said it best, "Thank you, Auburn, for teaching me to not just step, but run, out of my comfort zones. For being the best place on earth and for being my home away from home. Best decision I've ever made!"

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