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It’s that time of year again. Spring Break is creeping around the corner. The girls begin to tan longer and the boys begin working out harder. What is it about this one week that causes both genders to go into physical overdrive?

The idea of having a tan,sexy body for the first week of swimsuit season is an idea that has spread from generation to generation. Some individuals take it more seriously than others though.


“Last year my roommate and I only ate only salads and worked out twice a day. We had no energy, but at least we looked good,” said sophomore Ruthie Schaefer.Other students however, don’t quite have the same all or nothing mindset.


Robert Powers has given up on the spring break body altogether. “Last year I started working out three weeks before. Running and stuff like that. I quit working out right after spring break and haven’t worked out since. This year it’s not important to me. As long as I can fit in my pants.”

Powers is not the only student who has given up on crash diets and marathon runs. “Eating donuts is not bad for you, especially if they are the blueberry cake kind,” said Erin Beasley.


While the dieting and tanning two months before might work for some people, what are the alternatives?


Maintaining a healthy eating schedule and diet is one small way to prepare months in advance. Switching to fruits and vegetables from french fries and donuts is always a good idea. Avoiding eating dinner past seven and having any late night snack will help reduce the excess calories in the body.

Starting an exercise regimen is also necessary for gaining that desired body. Whether you’re a runner or a walker, a weights guy or a zumba girl, just do something.  Starting to exercise months in advance will help give you energy, reduce unwanted weight and slowly get you in shape without the cramming.


Don’t let the stress of the upcoming spring break scare or intimidate you. If you take the small steps all year long then getting that desired body will be a piece of cake. Just without the cake.

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