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Five Unexpected Ways That The Division of Student Affairs Can Help You

Auburn University’s Division of Student Affairs’ purpose is to serve its students. However, most students do not realize the number of services available to them. Here are five unexpected ways that the Division of Student Affairs can help you.


Student Advocacy - Student Conduct

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Student Advocacy is a part of the department of Student Conduct that works to help students achieve success during their college years if hardships arise. Many students experience personal, family or financial issues and incidents while attending college, and the stress of these hardships can take a toll on the student.  Whether that is an injury, mental health issue, financial problems or a family emergency, The Coordinator of Student Advocacy and Case Management works with the student to find the best options for how to maintain academic success. Students can be referred to the Coordinator of Student Advocacy and Case Management by Auburn University faculty/staff, a family member, another student, or themselves. The welfare of Auburn’s students is a top priority to Student Advocacy and the Division of Student Affairs.



Zen Den - Student Counseling Services

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The department of Student Counseling Services, as most students know, offer free counseling, group counseling and mental health screenings, but have you heard of the Zen Den? If you are feelings stressed and need a relaxing escape, visit the Zen Den. It is equipped with massage chairs, a relaxation technique called biofeedback and many more stress management options. It is free of charge and available to all Auburn University students, even if you are not already a client of Student Counseling Services. Call 334.844.5123 to schedule your stress reduction appointment.


Involvement Ambassadors - Student Involvement

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Are you interested in getting involved at Auburn, but you aren’t sure what’s the right organization(s) for you to join? The department of Student Involvement offers individual consultations with Involvement Ambassadors to find the right place for students. Involvement Ambassadors are trained and knowledgeable about the 300 plus organizations on Auburn’s campus and their involvement opportunities. Other than one-on-one meetings, Involvement Ambassadors offer interview tips and mentorships. For organizations, the Involvement Ambassadors offer workshops and training for officers.  To schedule a consultation with an ambassador email


Auburn Outdoors - Campus Recreation

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Auburn Outdoors is an educational program that offers outdoor adventures and trips to students. Trips include, but are not limited to backpacking, kayaking and mountain biking. On extended holiday breaks, regional and national trips are offered as well. However, other than the Auburn Outdoors led programs, there is also an equipment rental available to students interested in embarking on their own adventure. Auburn Outdoors offers camping equipment, kayaks, bikes, paddleboards and many, many more things for reasonable prices. Equipment is available for day, weekend or weekly basis and is a much less expensive alternative to buying or renting equipment elsewhere. Lastly, Auburn Outdoors also has a bike shop that is accessible to students. Students can fix their bicycles and attend workshops to learn how to maintain your own bike.


Dr. Woodard’s new social media

Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs

 Photo credit: @WarEagleWoodard

The new Vice President of Student Affairs, Dr. Bobby Woodard, is taking an unconventional approach to interacting with students. Dr. Woodard now has an Instagram and Twitter account where students can reach out to him and actually get a reply back. Have a question or issue? Tweet it at him. Want to see what he’s doing around Auburn’s campus? Follow him on Instagram. He is known for his random facts (especially about pirates) and fun shenanigans. “We are hoping to develop a relationship with the students in a way that we never have before,” said Dr. Woodard. “We are having fun with it and hope the students will too.”

Follow him at @WarEagleWoodard


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