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Five Ways to Savor and Experience College Without Technology


Times are fast-paced and ever-changing. This statement holds ten times more true for a college student. Between meeting new people, classes, exams, work and being involved on campus, it can be hard to find the time to slow down and relax. However, making time for that is crucial during such a monumental time, and going old school can make downtime that much memorable. Society relies on technology for just about every element of their lives, but sometimes it’s important to stop and take the time to enjoy the surrounding environment without cell phones, computers or tablets. Here are five ways to go technology-free in order to savor moments at college.


  1. Write a Journal.  College is a time of independence, meeting lifelong friends and trying new things. Capturing those moments is important. Keeping a journal allows for college students to always have a tangible grip on the best four years of their lives. It can also be a morning or nightly stress reliever from the day-to-day bustle.


  1. Join or create a book club.  Weekly gatherings with friends are worthwhile, and printed books long to be read. Combine the two! Printed books are becoming rarer every year, and making the time to get together with friends is too. By having a book club, friends can get together, and the art of reading a hard or paperback book becomes renourished.


  1. Take a Walk.  There are many ways to get from point A to point B, but aside from walking to class, most college students arrive at their destination by car. Yes, there are many times when cars are a necessary form transportation, but sometimes it’s important to leave them at home and walk. Whether it be a walk to downtown for a popsicle or a casual stroll around campus, walking serves as a way to clear one’s head, get some fresh air and ditch the car for awhile.



  1. Cook.  The college diet can become a habit. Whether it’s fast food, eating on campus or microwaving Ramen Noodles, cooking for oneself and others does not happen much in those four years. Taking the time to cook for yourself and others is a great way to learn new skills as well as remaining healthy. Starting out by cooking one to two meals a week could lead to every night as well as a complete change in diet.

  2. Have conversation face-to-face.  Texting is used like never before. It is one of the primary forms of communication today. Though it serves to communicate quick messages to one another, it shouldn’t serve as a main form of conversation. Meet someone for coffee. Go shopping with a friend. Go out to dinner with a co-worker. Face-to-face communication is more valuable than a text message. Starting and developing significant relationships is done in person. Take the time to nourish those relationships. 


All photos were taken and used with permission by Katie Harlin. 

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