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Five Ways to Welcome Rival Fans to Auburn

Over the years Auburn University and its fans have received notoriety from visiting fans for their welcoming nature. After a weekend spent in Auburn, they leave with a lasting memory of the Auburn Family.

So, in light of Auburn’s upcoming rivalry games against the Georgia Bulldogs on Nov. 16 and the Alabama Crimson Tide on Nov. 30, it’s time to discuss five ways to make our football foes feel welcome in the Loveliest Village.

  1. Help them find the correct gate to enter the stadium.

    Note: If your directions happen to take them past the statues of Pat, Bo and Cam be prepared for them to panic. “WE DIDN’T KNOW THEY WOULD BE HERE.” (Maybe we should take the Nick Fairley banners down altogether for the quarterbacks’ sakes.)

  2. During the game, make sure they know the cheers! Visiting fans often complain that they can’t understand the words to “Bodda Getta,” so make sure to say them EXTRA LOUDLY. This is not an opportunity to practice your indoor voice.

    Note: Make sure you bring your shaker. It adds a nice touch.

  3. If it happens to rain, offer them your extra poncho.

    Note: Bonus points if it’s orange and has a giant AU across the chest. “Sorry, it’s the only one I have... Gosh, orange is such a great color on you!”

  4. In the event of an Auburn win, kindly give them directions back to their cars that just happen to take them past Toomer’s Corner, so they can take in the historic tradition.

    Note: First inspect their pockets for lighters, matches or poison.

  5. Once they have made their way to Toomer’s offer them an extra roll of toilet paper (for their tears).

    Note: You get bonus points if their name is Harvey Updyke. “TRADITION NEVER DIES, HARVEY.”

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