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Fleece for Fight: One Auburn Student’s Nonprofit Takes Charge

Auburn University sophomore, Katie Scott, did what most her age couldn’t fathom. 

She created a nonprofit organization. 

It all began two years ago when Scott helped with a book drive at an elementary school in her hometown of Macon, Ga. Expecting to collect 500 books to send to South Africa, they sent an unimaginable 8,000. Scott didn’t realize the affect that volunteering would have on her emotionally.

“The villagers in South Africa we sent books to lived in cardboard boxes,” Scott said. “Every 12 hours they would rotate and someone else would sleep in the box.”

A living condition Scott described as “horrific and ridiculous.”

Scott decided she could do even more for them, taking her passion for helping others and nonprofits even further. 

“I thought to myself, what’s a practical gift to give when so many people on the streets have nothing?” 

The answer to Scott’s question was something so simple, yet one that is taken for granted everyday. 

“A blanket. It’s something light to carry, but something to call their own.” 


Beloved Blankets is an official nonprofit organization started by Scott. It’s dedicated to giving blankets to those who are less fortunate.

“A blanket not only provides comfort and warmth physically, but ensures a sense of security,” Scott said in describing the mission statement of the organization. “It belongs to them.” 

With the assistance of the umbrella organization, RandomKid, Scott has created three blanket drives in the two years of the organization’s existence. So far, Beloved Blankets has provided 65 blankets to children near Johannesburg, South Africa and 400 to the homeless in Macon, Ga. 

Currently, Scott is collecting blankets to send to the Yakama Indian Reservation in eastern Washington. She is also combining forces with Sozo Children, a nonprofit based in Uganda, on a joint blanket drive.

The Yakama Indian Reservation will take any blanket, new or used. Sozo Children asks that you donate new fleece blankets. 

Beloved Blankets will be taking blanket donations for the Yakama Indian Reservation until Thanksgiving, while Sozo Children will be taking them until April. Scott’s goal is to collect at least 100 blankets for each drive. 

With these two blanket drives, Scott hopes to expand awareness of those in need of the basic necessities.

To learn more about Beloved Blankets or make a donation contact Katie Scott at


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