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Dr. Margaret Fitch-Hauser did not receive flowers from her husband this Valentine’s Day. But she’s not complaining.

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Every week for the past 32 years, Fitch-Hauser’s husband has presented her with a bouquet of flowers at their home (usually on Friday night or Saturday afternoon). The only exception to Jerry Hauser’s weekly flower presentation is the week of Valentine’s Day.

“He refuses to be told by card manufacturers that he needs to give his wife flowers,” Fitch-Hauser said.

Hauser, a criminal defense attorney in Lee County, not only makes an effort to give his wife flowers on a weekly basis, but he takes an even greater effort to make sure that the flowers aren’t generic or basic, as one might find from a flower store.  He, on occasion, will cut them from his own yard so that they will stay fresh longer.

Fitch-Hauser’s favorite flower however, is not found in their yard at home.

“My favorite flowers are roses,” Fitch-Hauser said. “Every so often he will bring me the best roses he could find from around town.”

Even when she is traveling for work, Hauser has been known to have professionally arranged flowers sent to his wife’s hotel room.

“If I’m gone for a special day, I know he will make sure I somehow have flowers to enjoy,” Fitch-Hauser said.
Fitch-Hauser, an associate professor and Chair of the Department of Communication and Journalism, met her husband at the University of Oklahoma while she was studying for her PhD and he was in law school. It was there in the beginning of their relationship that Hauser made an effort to go an extra mile for his future wife.

“Even before we started dating, he would bring me flowers,” Fitch-Hauser said. And 32 years later, he doesn’t show signs of stopping.

One might assume that a couple still so in love with each other after 32 years of marriage would go to the extreme to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Fitch-Hauser said no special plans were carried out last week.

“We don’t really celebrate Valentine’s Day,” Fitch-Hauser said. “On Saturday evening, he made me a lobster meal that was quite tasty. And on Sunday I cooked a red Thai curry meal, at his request. But other than that, we didn’t do anything special.”

Why celebrate the love and affection you have for your significant other only one day a year? Do it every week! Or even every day!

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