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What did you dream of becoming when you were little? Did you have someone you looked up to or dreamed of becoming? Many people know what they want to become at a young age and hold on to their dream. 

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Abby Calametti, senior biomedical sciences major at Auburn University, has always dreamed of becoming a doctor since before she can remember. Growing up, Calametti’s dream was brought to life because she was inspired by her mother, a doctor, and started learning about medicine at an early age.

“Having a doctor for a mother was really inspiring growing up and being raised in a health-conscious household really taught me how important our health is,” said Calametti. “So when I got to Auburn, I became involved in science and really enjoyed science, which led me more and more to wanting to become a doctor and pursue a career in medicine.”

Today, Calametti is following the footsteps of her mother and is another step closer to fulfilling her childhood dream of becoming a doctor. About to finish her senior year at Auburn, Calametti has gone through the strenuous process of applying to medical school and learned many things along the way that would be beneficial for people who are considering applying to medical school. 

“Throughout the process of applying to medical school, I’ve learned the importance of your GPA and grades,” said Calametti. “As a freshman starting out, you need to realize that you can’t take back the grades you made that first year of college. Building a strong foundation with your GPA from the beginning is really important because that’s something on your application you can’t change.”

Although school and grades are very important, Calametti has also learned the significance of the things you do outside of school. Being involved in activities outside of school not only looks good on your resume, but shows someone who you are as an individual. 

“Having just gone through the interview process of applying to medical school, I learned a lot about the value of community service with becoming a doctor,” said Calametti. “As an undergrad, I tried to get involved in as many community service projects as I could so I could give back to the Auburn community. I really wish I would have found one or two projects or clubs that I was really passionate about to give back to. It’s a lot easier to talk about one thing I’m really passionate about rather than all of these different things that I did.”

Within the next couple of months, Calametti should know if she is accepted to medical school and if her dream of becoming a doctor like her mother will come true. As Calametti has shown, with hard work and determination, most dreams are possible.

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