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Food for Thought- Auburn Organization Battles Eating Disorders

According to the National Eating Disorders Association, 10 million females and 1 million males are presently fighting a potentially deadly battle with eating disorders. Auburn University student, Cody Nall, a former bulimia victim, is currently serving as President of Auburn University Body Image Education and Eating Disorder Awareness. She gives her insight on how this organization and the Auburn Family have helped her overcome her disease.


AUBIE- EDA is a campus organization designed to promote health body image and awareness of eating disorders. Nall says that her position as president in AUBIE-EDA has allowed her to reach out to those affected by these terrible diseases in numerous ways. “This position gives me an incredible opportunity to share our lives with other women and openly talk about our struggles, laughs, bodies, and how we love ourselves.” As a campus organization, AUBIE-EDA brings in guest speakers who either are experts on body image or eating disorders or those individuals who have battled these diseases and are willing to speak to help others.


Last spring, Nall organized the first-ever eating disorder awareness workshop for Auburn’s Greek women. “Love the Skin You’re In” was a huge success, to say the least. Nall says that the vision for this event came to her from “the Lord tapping at [my] heart and reminding me that all of us face different mistakes in our lives. If we come together and address them, then we feel less lonely in the world.” The second annual event is being planned by AUBIE-EDA and this time, is open to all Auburn Students.


Nall says that the Auburn Family was a huge support system in overcoming her disease. Auburn has many resources to provide support for those suffering. From counseling services to nutritionists, a helping hand can be found all over campus. Nall says that the university’s nutritionist “help[ed] me and continues to help me. She helps me treat my body the way it was designed to be treated.”


Even though she no longer suffers immediate symptoms of bulimia, Nall says that she may never fully recover. She says that if she could go back in time and tell herself anything, she would tell herself to “stop being so selfish! Those around you love you for your heart, not your body.” She gives the following advice to those currently suffering, “You are NOT alone and you are NOT a freak! Please ask for help. We are not meant to live alone or be perfect. We all need help sometimes so don’t hesitate to ask.” 

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