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Four Years, One Degree and More Than 300 Organizations

Maybe you are an outdoorsy Harry Potter geek, a chemistry loving sportsman or an architect with a passion for agriculture. No matter what you enjoy, Auburn has an organization for you.

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With more than 300 student organizations available, how do you know which to choose?

As prospective students or underclassman, students want to know what will be most beneficial to them in the future. What will recruiters and employers be looking for on those vital resumes?

“A common complaint of recruiters about job applicants, specifically recent college graduates, is the lack of leadership skills,” Jack Walker, assistant professor at Auburn, said.

Walker, who teaches in the Department of Management, has interacted with recruiters during his time in the business world and during his research, granting him insight to what employers are looking for in prospective employees.

Many students do not know what their major will be when they enter college, or what they want to do when they graduate. For those, Walker advises becoming involved with a neutral organization, such as university housing.

“Being a resident assistant would be a great way to show that you have leadership skills and to show that you can work well with other people,” Walker said. “You will be able to draw from those experiences during interviews and in the workforce, and that will really help set you apart.”

He also suggests joining well-known organizations. While being in the Harry Potter Alliance Aurors or Modeling Board may be a great way to meet new friends, students should consider joining less ambiguous groups as well. For example, Habitat for Humanity has an Auburn presence and is recognized in the professional world.

“It is important to find that balance between social, professional and sports clubs, if you are involved with all of them,” Walker said. “Take an active role in these; don’t just be an everyday member.”

Many of the campus groups also have professional affiliations, which can help students with networking and eventual professional success. Specific examples include the Society for Human Resource Management and the Public Relations Student Society of America.

As his final recommendation, Walker advises students not to wait until it is too late.

“Starting early, getting involved, networking and getting to know as many people as possible can really go a long way,” he said.

From the Academy of Students of Pharmacy to Young Farmers, Auburn University offers a wide variety of organizations to its students. For a week during each semester, these clubs and groups set up booths on the concourse for Organization Days, more commonly known as O-Days. This event allows students to browse among the diverse organizational opportunities of Auburn.

To learn more about the organizations available to you, visit or call the Office of Student Involvement at 334-844-4788.

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