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Fraternities, Pi Kappa Alpha and Theta Chi Join Forces for Party

It’s Friday night and everyone is going out.  People are always looking for the big party to go to for the weekend, and usually that would be at a fraternity.  When thinking about a fraternity party, one would assume that it would merely consist of just one fraternity.  However, there are some instances, which provide an opportunity for multiple fraternities to join efforts in making one big party.  Many times, two fraternities will compile their resources together to make this happen.

The fraternities, Pi Kappa Alpha and Theta Chi are doing just that.  This Friday, Pi Kappa Alpha is hosting a party featuring rapper, Gorilla Zoe as the entertainment.  Two weeks later, Theta Chi will be having another rapper, Chamillionaire, play at their house.  Both rappers are very popular, and with popularity also comes a big pay-day.  The two fraternities thought it would make sense financially to combine resources in order for them to have these parties.

Pi Kappa Alpha brother, Cameron Traylor, said, “It was really a good experience working with the Theta Chi Fraternity.  They were easy to deal with and we were able to make things happen when we put our heads together.  It really wasn’t like we are combining parties either, more like using our resources and connections together in order to make two big parties.  When you think about it logically it makes a lot of sense.”

Traylor weighed in on the steps in making the parties happen as well as dealing with Theta Chi.  “There was really no problem with them at all.  We contacted them and they were more than happy with the idea.  We talked about a budget first, and how much money we were willing to pay for both rappers combined, and we made the budget with out a problem.  Then we had to decide which rapper would play at whose house.  We wanted Gorilla Zoe and they happened to want Chamillionaire, so it worked out very well in the facet as well.  Everything just really came together well for the both of us.”

It sure seems like both fraternities did a good job in making these parties a reality.  This seems to be a trend that more fraternities are picking up on.  If you are interested in attending some fun parties in the near future then Pi Kappa Alpha and Theta Chi are the places to go.  Tomorrow night, Pi Kappa Alpha will be having Gorilla Zoe, and November ninth, Theta Chi will be hosting Houston’s own, Chamillionaire.

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