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Fresh Plan for COSAM with Landon McNellage

Landon McNellage is a freshman at Auburn University. He graduated from Saraland High School in Saraland, Alabama. McNellage is majoring in biomedical sciences with a concentration in pre-pharmacy. He has big dreams he would like to accomplish at Auburn and in his future. One of those dreams include becoming COSAM’s Schools Council President within the Student Government Association. (see right, Source: Landon McNellage)

COSAM stands for the College of Science and Mathematics. The main goal of Schools Council is to create fellowship among individual councils and to give each college or school on Auburn’s campus a voice in SGA. This in turn strengthens the voice of the student body and gets needs or opinions straight to SGA.

McNellage and three other freshmen have created their own ticket, Fresh Plan for COSAM. The vice president on the ticket is Mady Taylor. Taylor is a chemistry major with a concentration in pre-dental. There are two senators on the ticket: Annie Ozment and Keylan Speed. Ozment is a biomedical sciences major with a concentration in pre-dental and Speed is a biomedical sciences major with a concentration in pre-med.

“Instead of an issue, a general improvement I would like to resolve is the overall advertisement of opportunity within Auburn University’s COSAM for potential students and undergraduate students,” McNellage expressed when asked if he had a main issue that he was running for president to solve if he won. (see left, Source: Landon McNellage)

McNellage continued to explain that he was running for COSAM’s Schools Council President because of his recent exposure to COSAM as a “potential student.” As a freshman, he has the fresh perspective and outlook on how much reformation needs to be done when COSAM is advertised to incoming freshmen. This is only one part of COSAM issues he would like to resolve. 

“Whether it be discovering a career path as a freshman, finding internships and shadow opportunities as a sophomore, or working through the application process as a junior or senior, having guidance from a fellow student who has been in your shoes would be such an asset,” McNellage said. He wants to implement a program within COSAM that will create these services to where you don’t feel alone as an undergraduate. 

Auburn University has a pharmacy, osteopathic medicine, and veterinarian school on campus. McNellage wants to work towards developing a bridge between undergraduate and graduate students on campus.

McNellage entered Auburn with AP credit and is on the prerequisite track for the Harrison School of Pharmacy. He will take the PCAT and begin the application process for the Harrison School of Pharmacy (HSOP) during the summer of 2018. He will hopefully begin his first year of pharmacy school Fall 2019. (see right, Source: Landon McNellage)

The passion that drives McNellage everyday to become a pharmacist is a philanthropic effort with a stance against big pharmaceutical companies. “In our economic system, it is easy for pharmaceutical companies to take advantage of lengthy patents and overall pricing power. In many cases, large pharmaceutical companies have purchased and raised prices of drugs by over 1,000 percent,” McNellage explained. This ultimately limits American citizens’ accessibility to needed medications.

McNellage hopes that by becoming a pharmacist he can assist in increasing financial accessibility to needed drugs not only in the US, but to people in need all over the world. He wants to dedicate his lifelong career to helping all people receive the medication they need for the sake of their overall health. McNellage talks about the different possibilities he can take to make a difference with a pharmacy degree, “Whether it involves a career researching cheaper production methods, in Washington D.C. lobbying for legislative action against pharmaceutical monopolies, or in a large pharmaceutical company that sets the path to a progressive way of production and pricing, I plan on making a difference.”

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