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Zack Terry

From Marietta, Georgia. Majoring Pre-Business.

Zack Terry has experienced every cliche, cheesy freshman experience. He’s gotten lost in the Haley Center, pulled an "all nighter" for a test and walked into the wrong classroom on the first day. Majoring in business, Zack spends most of his free time with the freshman Student Government, assisting with the High School Leadership Conference and playing in every open mic night in town. While he grew up in Marietta, Georgia, Auburn has always been his home. Loved by everyone and the life of every party, Zack Terry could not have asked for a better freshman year.

What was your reason for coming to Auburn?

My dad is an alum. I grew up coming to football games every weekend and I have always loved Auburn. I never thought about going anywhere else and I only applied to Auburn. I was glad they actually let me in.

What has been your most memorable thing about freshman year?

By default I would have to say winning the national championship, but on a different note, making a new friend every day. I enjoy that first day of class where you walk into a room where there are 200 people you don’t know and by the end of the semester you know all of them. I love making friends.

What has been the funniest thing that's happened to you in class?

It’s hard to remember the good, funny moments. If I don’t write them down I won’t remember them.  Off the top of my head, I remember when I walked into class on the first day. I had rushed from another building and had made it with just a few moments to spare. I sat down, began organizing my things and waited for class to begin. The teacher got about 15 minutes into the syllabus before I realized this wasn’t my class. I stood up and walked out. I was THAT guy.

How often do you see your family?

Since I’m from Marietta I see them a lot. During football season, every weekend. My family is big supporters of Auburn football. My brother would also come stay with me during football season so that was fun. Now that it’s spring I’ll probably see them once a month. Maybe.

What adventures do you go on?

I’ve been trying to get out to Tuskegee to climb the fire tower, but that hasn’t happened yet. Honestly I don’t really remember what adventures I go on. I’ve played my guitar on Cater lawn with some random guys. That was an adventure since it was like 3 a.m.I also play guitar at Campus Crusade. I help lead worship there. My guitar has really become a part of who I am this year. It’s kinda become my identity. I really want to get into playing the bar scene. Not necessarily here in Auburn, but definitely in Atlanta.

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