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Freshmen Forum Members Say Thank You to Transit Drivers

Before moving to my current residence, I was a faithful rider of the Tiger Transit for two years. The Tiger Transit service made my life easier and saved me money on gas and a parking permit. I understand what a huge role in campus life Tiger Transit drivers have for students, and group of 40 freshmen recognized their service to the university as well.

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Student Government Association’s Freshmen Forum members set out to plan an appreciation day for a group of people on campus for their spring service project on Tuesday, March 5. After much discussion and consideration, they decided to say a special thank you to the people who get us to class.

“Our freshman took the idea of an appreciation day and ran with it,” Robert Powers, director of Freshmen Forum, said. “As directors we really wanted to point out to them this university is great because of the many people who work here and support us as students.”

Last October the Freshmen Forum members voted to focus the day on Tiger Transit drivers and have since then been dreaming up creative ways to say thank you to these employees. Freshman Forum members were given a small budget and some guidance from their student directors.

“A lot of people take Tiger Transit drivers for granted and don’t realize how much they do for us,” Ivy Sibley, Freshman Forum member, said. “We want students to be more aware of how helpful they are in getting us to class safely and on time.”

The Freshmen Forum members were stationed at the Tiger Transit stops with food and thank you letters. They also had a drawing during the day for a gift basket from a local business. What seemed to be the biggest hit with the Tiger Transit Drivers were the personalized thank you cards.

“The drivers were thankful we had taken the time to write a personal note, and were amazed we had their name already on a card when we were visiting with them at the stations around campus,” Powers said. “One driver told me all the notes she had ever been given from students still hang on her refrigerator and ours would be added to the collection later that night.”

So next time you get off at your Tiger Transit stop be sure to tell your driver thank you or share a friendly “War Eagle.” You never know how you might just be able to make someone’s day.

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