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The On-Campus TV Program That Changed Everything

On average, 80 percent of students change their major at least once. Coming into college, students choose a major they want to study; however, it’s quite common for students’ aspirations to change, which makes them alter their major.

This happened to senior at Auburn University, Julia Murphy, who came into school as a biomedical science major wanting to work in medicine. She quickly realized that wasn’t what she really wanted to do and pursued another career by studying political science.

Murphy initially chose to change her new major, because she wanted to be a political correspondent for a televised news outlet. She wanted to gain more experience and knowledge in the field of television. A friend told her about Eagle Eye TV (web|Facebook) and recommended her joining the on-campus organization.

Eagle Eye TV is a student-run television station at Auburn University. Eagle Eye TV has a broad selection of show categories, which include news, sports, and entertainment. You can broadcast it live online or on campus cable channel 6.

Murphy joined Eagle Eye TV and it changed her life, “I cannot stress this enough, without Eagle Eye, I would have no idea what I want to do after college,” Murphy said. She has been an anchor, reporter and a producer on the show. She is an anchor on the weekly news segment.

During spring semester 2017, Murphy got offered an internship with Entertainment Tonight in New York City for the summer. She was a tad skeptical of the internship since she wanted something more politically based, while Entertainment Tonight is an entertainment outlet.

She was thrilled and excited she got the internship. “Just like Eagle Eye, ‘ET’ completely changed my mind about my future. Now I’m leaning more toward a job as a reporter in the entertainment industry,” Murphy said.

Murphy loved her internship because it helped her realize what she wants to do when she graduates. She said one of her favorite moments was when she made eye contact with Matthew McConaughey and had an ultimate “fan girl” moment.

Murphy said after coming back from her internship, the experiences and knowledge she gained has helped her with Eagle Eye TV.  With her internship, she got a full behind the scenes look at how interviews are set up and performed professionally, and she has brought those skills to Eagle Eve TV. 

“I feel like I have a good idea of the real world industry now, which motivates me to step it up at Eagle Eye,” Murphy said. 

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