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The starting of spring semester for a senior student can often be a very stressful time. This is when most students start to really consider the options for post graduation. This was true for senior at Auburn University, Rachel Pridgen. The stress of school and graduation pointed Pridgen to a new hobby, yoga. Her new hobby then ended up leading her to an option for an occupation.

Pridgen started taking yoga classes at a relatively new yoga studio, Fly Yoga Studio, located downtown Auburn mid-January. She had never taken any types of yoga classes previously and decided she wanted to start because she needed a stress reliever from her busy life. She instantly fell in love with yoga and started to go more frequently.

“I love how yoga clears my mind of everything going on and I feel like it’s a creative outlet that I truly do appreciate.” Pridgen said.

A few months into her new activity and many hours learning new positions, her instructor, Peach Dumars, took an interest in Pridgen and saw her potential. Dumars asked Pridgen if she would be interested in training to become a yoga instuctor.

Pridgen took a few days then decided that she could see herself making a career off of instructing. Pridgen applied to the program and will start this summer upon graduation.

The program is a five week extensive training every weekend at the Yoga Fly Studio. It adds up to being 200 hours of training from 5 p.m.-8 p.m. on Fridays, 7 a.m.-7 p.m. on Saturdays and 10 a.m.-7 a.m. on Sundays. Here the students will learn the history and philosophy of yoga as well as how to sequence and teach a vinyasa yoga class.

The students will also learn how to assist participants and offer modifications. They will learn the names of these poses and the proper breathing practices. Along with yoga, students will also learn the ethics and business side of being an instructor.

Along with the weekend training sessions, students will also be able to enjoy a five-day retreat in the Blue Ridge Mountains located right outside of Ashville, N.C. The students will be immersed in the yoga practices and find peace with their minds in between sessions due to the beautiful scenery surrounding them.

Pridgen never thought that a simple new hobby would lead her in the direction of an occupation. Ever since she decided to partake in the training session Pridgen has found herself attending yoga classes six days out of the week. Pridgen is confident in her poses now that she has worked so hard but stated at first she was a little intimidated she wouldn’t be able to perfect them.

“It took me about three weeks of classes to really start getting a feel for the basic poses, now I find myself adding new steps to the basic poses and being comfortable with a variety of upper level poses.” Pridgen said. “I am defiantly excited about becoming a yoga instructor, but even more excited to teach something I love and hope that it affects them as positively as it has me.”

With 100 percent attendance, completion of all the homework and a strong passion for learning yoga, Pridgen will be on her way to becoming an instructor and having a greater knowledge of the importance, history and linage of the art, yoga.

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