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As the Toomer’s Oaks prepare to come down, Auburn University prepares to lose an iconic tradition that has brought the Auburn family together for decades.


Although fans will no longer be able to roll the famous oaks, Auburn University has plans to preserve the memories.


To commemorate the oaks, Auburn will be working with several licensed manufacturers to create mementos from the trees’ wood after their removal in late April.


All proceeds of the sales will go to a special scholarship fund for Auburn students.


“Details about the scholarship are still being worked out,” Director of Auburn University Communications Mike Clardy said.


Fans are encouraged to look for the specially designed Auburn Oaks officially licensed hangtag on the products. Items with the hangtag are the only ones guaranteed to come from the oaks and benefit the scholarship fund.


“We have not yet announced the actual types of keepsakes that will be available, but plan to do so as early as the week after A-Day,” Clardy said. “They should be available for purchase a week or two after A-Day.”


Stores all over the state and region that typically carry Auburn merchandise will likely have some of the special keepsakes for sale.


“Photos of the merchandise will be posted to as it becomes available,” Clardy said. “This website will also have a listing of merchants carrying the items.”


Commemorative apparel and other merchandise are already being made available in preparation for A-Day.


Since the trees’ poisoning in 2011, other retailers have gotten involved with benefiting Auburn students from sales, as well. Tiger Rags, Inc. has raised $30,000 for the Auburn University School of Forestry and Wildlife Sciences student scholarships. The money was raised by creating and selling a specially designed Auburn oaks t-shirt soon after the trees’ poisoning.  


Although Auburn University students, faculty and fans are left to mourn the loss of their symbolic tradition, everyone can own a small piece of the oaks’ memory while benefiting current and future Auburn University students. 

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