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Future Auburn Students "Hungry" for Learning

Nicknamed “The Loveliest Village on the Plains,” Auburn University embraces the meaning of tradition.Rich in heritage and filled with charm, Auburn University attracts a very diverse group of students.

Encompassing more than a 140 diverse majors and entertaining nearly 300 clubs and organizations, students at Auburn University have the ability to make dreams a reality. Among the overwhelming academic decisions faced when entering college, Auburn students also have an additional concentration: having a social life.

Attempting to remain stress free outside of the classroom, Auburn offers a unique blend of family-style restaurants with nutritious selection of foods that will keep one vindicated of the freshman 15. According to the National College Health Risk Behavior Survey produced by Healthy People 2010, “About one in five (20.5%) of college students was overweight, 73.7% had failed to eat five or more servings of fruits and vegetables during the past day, and 21.8% had eaten three or more high-fat foods during the past day. Few college students had engaged in vigorous (37.6%) or moderate (19.5%) physical activity at recommended levels.”

Let us discuss ways of incorporating health awareness in our food decisions, while gaining advice from current students of ways to have balanced meals no matter where the social attraction takes you.

Whether it is restaurants or bars, remaining healthy in food and drink selections can be a challenging process. For those of age of course, the moment the books shut on Wednesday afternoon it is almost guaranteed Sky Bar and Quixotes will become jam-packed with students for the mid-week drink specials. If it is not the happy hour bringing you to restaurants, it is the distinctive southern food selections that are pure favorites of college students.

For starters, with almost 35 percent of Auburn students out-of-state, it is a good possibility the Mexican style food is sought after. Located on North College close to I-85 is affordable El Dorado Mexican. Try the El Dorado grilled chicken salad, as it offers delicious cold-cut greens and sizzling veggies.

New students to Auburn already appreciate the meaning of tradition, so make your way to Mama Goldberg’s Deli. Since 1976, Mama G’s located on Magnolia Avenue has soulfully fed students with delicious homemade sandwiches. For only five-dollars, try the famous, “Mamas Love” with various meats on a seeded hoagie bun. For those not health conscious, get the Nachos – they are delicious!

Even the students roaming the campus throughout the summer classes find ways to stay healthy. Carrie, a senior in public relations admits, “Being busy sometimes causes me to skip meals, but choosing the right selections such as Mama G’s for a healthy sandwich or Veggies-to-go will eliminate the temptations of fast food.” Veggies to Go is located on West Glenn only 2.5 miles from campus. It’s for the on-the-go students that prefer to dine in a quick fashion without sacrificing the fresh taste. It’s a friendly atmosphere that offers a wide variety of meats and veggies creating individual plate combinations. Try the one meat with three veggies combo, such as the grilled chicken, sweet potatoes, broccoli and rice for about six-dollars. Feeling a craving for something healthy and sweet? The Banana pudding is only one-dollar and perfectly portioned.

Anna, an elementary education student, admits to the importance of eating balanced meals throughout the day as it supports your overall energy. She explains, “When working with little kids all day, it’s very crucial to stay energized. Even at a young age it’s important to get the essential needs to help you last through the long school days. I’m a constant visitor at Veggies to Go, and love the convenience of it!”

Whether it’s Mexican, a tasty sandwich, or fresh vegetable plates, Auburn restaurants are here to satisfy all social butterflies. Throughout the school year, sports definitely dominate the social scene. There is a place located off Opelika road that has the love of sports even in the title.

Touchdowns is a local Auburn tradition that has been around for decades. Offering creative deals such as $.35 wing Wednesday, trivia, live music, and even steak and bake brew on Thursdays, Touchdowns has celebrated Auburn wins with an affordable, entertaining dining experience. To stay healthy of course, taste the six-dollar classic turkey wrap (minus the mayo of course). It will satisfy the appetite without giving up hidden calories. Head Baseball Manager student/worker Carson mentions his frequent trips to touchdowns and its ability to never disappoint. “After any big baseball win, it is important to find quality service where the atmosphere encourages the celebration. Touchdown’s is the place to go, they offer a bit of everything. Healthy or not, anybody who goes to school at Auburn knows about Touchdowns, and will remember the experience for years.”

It’s easy to see Auburn University students have an ‘appetite’ for learning. College is all about decisions, and sometimes food decisions get the back burner as priorities change and life becomes busy. We’ve gained advice from current students on ways and places to go when the ‘food bug’ comes a knockin’! With affordable, nutritious and delicious menu options, advancing ones social life will not be a problem.

As much as eating right can help maintain a healthy lifestyle, do not forget to stay physically active. On campus recreational facilities offer fitness classes available to students free of charge to increase physical activity and relieve some stress. Try biking or walking to class, or even participating in intramural sports.

Key highlights about food choices to remember: choose grilled over fried lean meats, whole grains instead of white grains, low-fat milk over whole, and fruit to fight the sweet tooth instead of sweetened snacks such as cookies.

Still worried about dorm room remedies? Just stock up on some healthier snacks such as animal crackers, granola bars, canned fruit and high fiber cereals. Eating well and staying fit go together. After all, remember the phrase, “You are what you eat,” and Auburns variety of restaurants can surely make eating healthy a fun social activity.

Follow these guidelines, and avoiding the scale will be the least of your college-days worries!

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