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The Office of Professional Career Development is a relatively new organization within Auburn University's College of Business. The organization provides College of Business students resources that can assist them with life after college.

Through the Office of Professional Career Development, students have the opportunity to enter the workforce with information they may not have learned about themselves. Workshops are an easy way to get involved with the Office of Professional Career Development, and there is an incredibly large variety of workshops to get involved in. 

Some of the workshops that are provided are for individuals, but there are also group assessments that allow students to capitalize on shared experiences. Not only do these workshops supply students with information about themselves, but there are also basic workshops. These basic workshops include resume writing, decision-making and even how-to workshops about using powerpoint or publisher with Microsoft. 

Kaitlin Jones is a junior at Auburn University that recently visited the Office of Professional Career Development.

"I honestly did not think I would get anything out of one of the workshops, but it ended up opening my eyes to a lot of information," said Jones. "I did a group assessment workshop that showed me where my strengths and weaknesses are and what jobs would best fit who I am."

The group assessment uses online questionnaires that help students find where their personality and interests fit in the workforce. 

"I am currently taking a management course and I went to the group assessment with a few of my classmates," said Jones. "The self-awareness report was able to show me what types of jobs I should stay away from because I am more of an introvert than an extrovert. Showing me certain jobs to stay away from definitely opened my eyes to a few things I was unaware of."

Jones was able to use her results and understand why being in certain fields of work might not be best for her.

"Just because I really admire people in the entertainment business does not mean that I am best suited for a job that involves a lot of one-on-one conversation," said Jones. "I get easily nervous around people when I have to talk or present something."

These assessments usually take students less than an hour to complete and the results make it well worth it. 

Although the Office of Professional Career Development was only introduced to Auburn University in 2010, it has definitely gained a lot of attention. Every day students are signing up for workshops to better their knowledge about their careers. 

"I think that all students could benefit from the workshops," said Jones. "The workshops that are opened to all students should have more publicity!"

The College of Business advertises the Office of Professional Career Development online and in classrooms. There are still many workshops available for this semester and people are able to read about it on the website.

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