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Gaining Sales and Marketing Experience

When pursuing a degree in Public Relations or in Marketing, students learn about the many similarities between the two. For example, both majors learn how to narrow down audiences and then figuring out how to correctly target them. Both also, practice the importance of good communication skills.

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For many it is hard to tell the difference between the two degrees, so as a result some students like to gain work experience in both areas.

“I began working with Chick-fil-a in July of 2010; right before I began my senior year,” says Lindsey Robinson, a senior in Public Relations.

Robinson is the Unit Marketing Director at the University Village Mall Chick-fil-a.

“This position is not actually an internship,” says Robinson. “The position was originally meant to be giving to someone with a completed degree in marketing, but after applying for the job my boss thought that this would be an excellent position for me to gain experience from while completing my PR degree.”

Most of Robinson’s job include community events, employee contest, Christmas parties and the over all appearance of the store.

“We are actually hosting an event right now, where people can come in a guess how many cows they think are stuffed in the Tahoe inside the mall,” says Robinson. “I also go around to local businesses and really try to get our name out there.”

Robinson has been working really hard over these last few months trying to gain marketing and sales experience.

“I am really just trying to test the waters of difference aspects of PR,” says Robinson. “Future employers think that it is pretty impressive when you have an internship or job that closely relates to your field of study; so that is what I am trying to accomplish by working with Chick-fil-a.”

Starting in May, Robinson will be taking time off from her UMD position and begin working on her course credit internship with Intermark Group in Birmingham. After completing her internship with Intermark, she will return to Auburn in the fall and continue working with Chick-fil-a until graduation in December.

“I feel like I have been exposed to the marketing and sales aspects of PR while I have been working with Chick-fil-a,” says Robinson. “It has been a great experience, so far, and I have loved holding a leadership position with such a prominent company while being in college.”


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