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Saturdays during the fall are some of the most exciting weekends for anyone interested in college football. While most Auburn fans are focused on the football team and coaching staff, they never realize how much work the unsung heroes of the game put in to make the players as well as the fans hyped for the game.

The cheerleaders are the backbone of the games and keep the crowd engaged at all times during the games, even when we might be frustrated. So what does gameday look like for an Auburn cheerleader?

Senior and head cheerleader Jessy Tucker describes all of the responsibilities of the cheerleader during Auburn home games. “We meet at our room under the stadium four hours before kickoff where we set up our signs, coolers, sound system and get our flags ready,” says Tucker. “We then go to our cheerleading tailgate, tiger walk, spirit march, and then back to the stadium to prepare for the game.”


On top of all of her duties as a cheerleader, Tucker also has specific duties she must perform as the head cheerleader. “My responsibility as head cheerleader is to make sure everyone knows what they need to be doing and where they are supposed to go, and I, along with the co-head, also send out weekly emails informing the cheerleaders what they have that week,” says Tucker.

The cheerleaders usually have practice Monday through Thursday for two hours, and then a group of cheerleaders will go to the stadium on Friday to make sure everything is in place for the game the following day. “We also meet have a weekly meeting with our coordinator Latisha Durouh who plans everything for us,” says Tucker.

After the game is over, the cheerleaders still have to stay in the stadium to make sure everything goes back in its place. They are in charge of making sure all the signs, flags, coolers, and sound system get cleaned and put back in their room under the stadium.

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