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With the stresses of school, some students may have trouble staying active in college, but that is not a problem at Auburn University. On and off campus there are plenty of ways for students to get and stay active. Here is a list of the top seven things to do in Auburn to stay active:

1. Go to the Auburn Recreation and Wellness Center

The Auburn Recreation and Wellness Center has a lot to offer the active student. If you are interested in group fitness, then the rec center offers a group fitness pass where you can take any workout classes throughout the semester. If group fitness is not your thing, the rec center also has personal trainers available to students. The gym also features an indoor track, a pool, a rock climbing wall, basketball courts, racquetball courts and even a PGA golf simulator. (Photo left: Wikimedia)

2. Go to Kiesel Park

Kiesel Park is located at 520 Chadwick Lane in the City of Auburn. It also happens to be Auburn's largest park. The park includes a pavilion, a garden, a pond and a 2 1/4 mile walking or running trail. The park offers pet owning students a great place to get active with their pets with an off the leash dog park. (Photo right: Kiesel Park Auburn Parks and Rec)

"Kiesel Park is my favorite place to workout in Auburn because I can get energy out for not just myself, but my dog Millie too," said Cassie Rawles.

3. Go to Town Creek Park

Town Creek Park is located at 1150 S. Gay Street in the City of Auburn. There is a 0.87 mile trail, and an additional trail is currently being built. Town Creek also features a pond with turtle inhabitants. This is a great place to go to get outdoors for a quick jog or a walk around the pond.(Picture left: Suzanne and her dog spotting a turtle at Town Creek Park. Photo source: Suzanne Norman)

"Town Creek is a fun place to visit. I like to go walk the trail with my friends, and sometimes we are lucky and spot a turtle," said Suzanne Norman.

4. Go to Chewacla

Chewacla is a great place for students who love the outdoors. There are bike trails, hiking trails, running trails and boating activities. Most students go to Chewacla and hike for a place to hang their ENO hammocks. Chewacla is a vast outdoor park for everyone to enjoy. (Photo right: Wikimedia)

5. Sign up for a workout class through Auburn

Auburn University offers Physical Education classes as an elective for two hours of credit. Some of the classes include Active Auburn, where students independently attend three workout classes a week for the semester. Cross Fit, where students get exposure to Cross Fit at a discounted rate. There is also Circuit Training, which offers students circuit workouts that they can continue to use after the class. (Photo left: Tumblr)

6. Ride a bike to and from campus

Many students have started to ride bikes to get to and from class. This is a great way to get and stay active with the added perk of getting to class faster than usual. Students also walk to and from campus, which is also a good way to be active. (Photo: Wikimedia)

7. Sign up for a local gym

Auburn has a lot of local gyms for students to get involved with like Max Fitness, Auburn Fitness for Women and Cross Fit on the plains. These gyms offer students another option besides the Auburn Recreation and Wellness Center. All of these gyms offer memberships for students at discounted rates. 

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