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Getting Involved Proves to Help Freshman Get Ahead


John Curvey

From Atlanta Georgia

Majoring in Education

Not too far away from home, the Atlanta native John Curvey has learned to claim Auburn as his new home. John is a freshman at Auburn and as he is still in the midst of changes his thoughts on the year so far may come to aid prospective students. John is a genuine guy, a strong runner, talented writer, always full of laughter and makes everyone feel valued, so those who can’t learn from his advise from his first year could certainly learn from him a few other qualities.


1. What advise would you give to freshman next year from your experience?

Talk to people. Everyone is in the same situation as you are and chances are they're having the same troubles that you're having. If you find the opportunity to say hello to someone or strike a conversation with a random person before class starts, I encourage you to speak up and see where the conversation leads. It's a simple thing that can help build relationships and make everyone feel more welcomed.


2. What has been the most beneficial thing you've done to make Auburn a great experience for you?

Football helped, but mostly getting involved wherever I could. Tiger Tuesdays, Auburn University's involvement and leadership program designed specifically for freshman, gave me an opportunity to be involved and various volunteering opportunities. Working through study sessions with people in my harder classes gave us a common thing to complain about. I suggest getting to know people from your hall, if you live in the dorms, it is important. You're going to be brushing shoulders for the next nine months, might as well try to enjoy one another's company. There are many ways to meet people, and that was really what has made my experience great is meeting great friends.


3. What is one thing you would change about Auburn?

Diversity. Coming from an area that was so culturally mixed, I find myself missing all of the other cultures. Atlanta was truly a melting pot and it was a blessing to be surrounded by so many cultures. In Auburn it is much less diverse and there is limited interaction with cultures different from your own. Diversity needs to come alive on campus and in restaurant choices as well, I feel like everyone goes to the same five places to eat. 


4. What is something you wish you would have known about Auburn before you came here?

That independents, non-Greek students, are in the majority. Before coming to campus I thought fraternities would be the only way to make it. So many of my friends are in fraternities and sororities that I sometimes feel pressured to join one, but the fact that I am not hasn’t crippled my social life at all. Just do

your own thing, get caught up in things you enjoy and find people who enjoy similar things. It was surprisingly easy to find people with similar interests. I am glad I didn’t join a fraternity in the long run. I love the friends I've made at Auburn and wouldn't change my experience so far for anything.


5. What was something you didn't expect about your experience so far?

There is more free time than I ever expected. The studying doesn't take up nearly as much time as I had thought it would, though, it probably should. But with my excess free time I got involved and again I recommend getting involved, it is the easiest way to fill up time. I have really enjoyed my Auburn experience so far and look forward to the next few years here and am excited to see what they may hold.

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