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Glanton House: Providing Marriage and Family Therapy Services to the Auburn / Opelika Community

Mental health has quickly become a priority at universities as the number of students wrestling mental health problems hit its peak in the past decade.

At the end of the 2015 spring semester at Auburn University, there were over 300 students on the waiting list at Auburn’s Student Counseling Services, where the staff currently consists of 11 employees.

Unbeknownst to some Auburn students, there are other resources located on Auburn’s campus, such as Glanton House.

Glanton House is Auburn University’s Marriage and Family Therapy Center located conveniently off of the main Haley concourse. They offer a variety of clinical services to individuals, couples, and families in the Auburn/Opelika area as well as the rest of East Alabama.

Laura Knizley, a current graduate student in Auburn’s Marriage and Family Therapy program, said, “a lot of Auburn students and faculty may not know about the resources available to them right here on campus. And those that do know, may be unaware that the resources are available to anyone in the Auburn/Opelika area.”

The therapists at the center are well-trained graduate students, such as Knizley, in Auburn’s highly selective Marriage and Family Therapy program and are supervised by other experienced therapists. They see multiple clients each day and review the progress of their cases together weekly.

Aside from offering therapy services, Glanton House also provides multiple opportunities for undergraduate students that are potentially interested in having a career in marriage and family therapy. They provide opportunities for practicum and service-learning students that are looking to gain volunteer credit hours for university courses. Through these volunteer positions, they get to gain insight on how the clinic works. There are also full-time intern positions available where students can gain real-life experience by observing sessions and shadowing therapists.

“Mental health is something the university is taking steps to promote among students,” Knizley said. “It needs to be made known that there are resources like the Glanton House that are available to help students, employees, couples, or families that are struggling.”

Glanton House also offers a discount rate for Auburn University and Southern Union Community College students. For more information about therapy services or to make an appointment online, visit:

(Photos from the Marriage & Family Therapy Center's website.)

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