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Glomerata Flashback Friday: 2004 Football Season

Happy Friday from the Glomerata Staff!! We would like to entertain you today with a little Flashback Friday!!

Every season, the Auburn football team aspires to have a perfect 13-0 season. Besides the National Championship team of 2010, the most recent tiger team to accomplish this perfect season record was the 2004 tigers. Under head coach Tommy Tuberville, who was at Auburn from 1999 to 2008, the 2004 team defeated all of their opponents. This winning streak made for an exciting season and an even better Iron Bowl. “We didn’t have one bad game” said Tuberville as he reflected on the spotless season! Because of the hard work and dedication the 2003-2004 Glomerata staff put in to the yearbook, this sports memory is captured in school history.

If you missed this past football season or any of Auburn’s other sports and want to keep the memories, be sure to pick up your copy of the Glomerata April 15th-19th!

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