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God-given Talent for Photography | Brooke Glassford

It has been said, "When she walks into a room - people smile."  It's true.  They do.


To know Brooke Glassford is to understand why the smiles happen.  She does tend to light up a room.  Her personality does it alone.  But Brooke also lights up the room doing remarkable photography.


From Montgomery, Brooke's job at  Baptist Health of central Alabama is communication specialist.  In her spare time, she also shoots beautiful photographs of everything from weddings and engagements to children and families ... and much more for ColorBox Photography.

Brooke Glassford :: Colorbox Photography


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A 2010 graduate of Auburn University in public relations, Brooke Glassford almost didn't attend Auburn.  "I like to think that Auburn chose me. During my senior year of high school, I actually wanted to attend Samford University in Birmingham," said Glassford.


"My parents wanted me to try Auburn for the first semester, and told me that if I did not like it, I could transfer to Samford. I had an older sister at Auburn, and she loved it, so I agreed to give it a try. My stubborness said, 'Oh, I'll be transfering to Samford after the first semester,'" said Glassford.


"I began my freshman year at Auburn, and by the end of September of 2006, I knew there was no other college for me except for Auburn! I didn't think twice about staying where I was. It was an incredible four and a half years for me on The Plains," said Glassford.


"My first major activity was being a member of Kappa Delta sorority," said Glassford.  "I'm still thankful for the girls that I connected with during my time as a 'sorority girl.' Sororities get a bad rap, but I'm thankful for the relationships I was blessed with in KD."


"I was also a member of The Auburn Circle, Auburn's literary magazine. I was on the graphic design staff. I helped decided which graphic design entries would go into each edition. I did that for two years. Graphic Design was a major I talked myself out of," said Glassford.


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"This was a way for me to still be around it and appreciate others' talents. I don't regret not going the graphic design route, but I am quick to tell others to not at least try pursuing a degree just because they think they are not qualified. It never hurts to try," said Glassford.


"I also led a Jr. High girls Bible study through Auburn United Methodist Church beginning my sophommore year until I graduated. I had the same group of precious girls during those years. It was a blessing to encourage them and try to answer their questions with truth," said Glassford.


"During my junior and senior year, I was heavily invested in the college ministry of First Baptist Opelika. Small groups, mission trips, community, accountabilty, serving together, and the list goes on and on. It greatly impacted my life and walk with the Lord, and I'll forever be grateful for the FBCO college ministry," said Glassford.


"I feel there may be other things I'm leaving out, but those are the most important to me," said Glassford.  "My blog is This is my business blog as I'm an associate photographer for Kim Box Photography. I'm the shooter for Colorbox Photographers, which is a branch of KBP. I'm the only shooter for Colorbox right now," said Glassford.


"I began shooting for Colorbox in the summer of 2011. It has been a great journey thus far! I have learned so much about myself, and my skills are ever-evolving. The Lord has surely blessed me by being a part of KBP," said Glassford.  "Kim, my boss, gave me the reigns to the blog a few months after I started shooting. She wanted my customers 'to see who I was.'"


"I typically only blog when I have a photo session to post. I do sometimes post on holidays and special occasions," said Glassford.  "The blog is a great way to showcase some of my favorite photos from a session, and tell a little background about the people in the photos.  I try to not make the text too long as a I feel the pictures tell the story better than I could put into words."


"I love being able to post my clients on the blog. I get the most joy from seeing them excited to ""be out on the World Wide Web."


"The blog is also an outlet to display my talent, which I can say with full assurance, is a God-given talent," said Glassford.  "There's no sensible reason for me to be a paid photographer. I haven't taken a class. I didn't have any kind of special training. It's simply a talent the Lord has given me. There are so many times that I'll be reviewing my images from a shoot, and I stop and think, 'I literally do NOT know how I got that shot.'  Yeah, it's God, and it's a really cool deal!"


"I do let a deeper side of myself show on my blog. I sort of can't help it. I appreciate the freedom that I have to say what I'd like to say," said Glassford.


"There's definitely an element of vulnerability that comes with blogging," said Glassford.  "You're putting your heart out there through words for everyone to see. It can be scary, but I also know the encouragement or 'day-brightner' that others receive from a blog post far outweighs any embarrassment or criticism that others may have about a post. I have people confirm that for me ever so often. That makes it all worth it."


Brooke Glassford and Colorbox


Editor's Note: This series highlights students and alumni blogging.

Whether it be for personal pleasure or for work, the practice seems to be growing.

This has now become a four-week series.

~ Robert French

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