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Good Relations with Public Relations: One Student's Commitment to PRSSA

 As children, we are taught to have dreams and to stop at nothing to achieve them. Some people take that lightly, while others embrace their dreams and make them a reality.  When Carolyn Rush, a senior majoring in Public Relations, came to Auburn four years ago, she had no idea the kind of dreams she would be achieving during her time here.

As a freshman, Carolyn happened upon a small club in the College of Liberal Arts and decided to join.  At the time it was the newly chartered chapter of Public Relations Student Society of America, better known as PRSSA, founded by Maggie Daley. 

“I had a mentor, Gabrielle Hoyt, and she just told me one day to run for an officer position. I joined when there were fifteen members. So I ran for an officer position; I was membership director, I don’t know how I even got it.  That’s how I got started with PRSSA,” Rush recalls.

Last year, PRSSA teamed up with PRCA, Public Relations Consultants Association, and has since then grown even larger. 

“Now that we’ve joined with PRCA, we’ve got the benefits of two organizations.  PRSSA is the national side and PRCA is more local and statewide. It’s awesome because if you want to get a job in Alabama when you graduate you’ve got the PRCA connection, but if you want to go anywhere else in the nation you’ve got the PRSSA connection,” says Rush.

Since Rush’s Freshman year, she has invested her time in the club and now serves as PRSSA/PRCA’s president. 

“I think falling in love with what you’re doing is more important than falling in love with the club.” However, Rush has certainly fallen in love with the club in the process.  She devotes most of her time to the club, planning events and hosting meetings every other Monday.  PRSSA/PRCA is now the largest club in the Department of Communication and Journalism.  Rush’s devotion to her major is inspiring. 

“I never doubt that I’m in the wrong major at all. I’ve found my passion.”

PRSSA/PRCA’s upcoming event, Pups and Pops, is being held next Monday, September 24th on the Student Center Green space.  It’s a fundraiser partnering with For Paws animal rescue and The Overall Company.  There will be adoptable puppies that students will have the opportunity to play with for a small donation, and artisan popsicles courtesy of the new team at The Overall Company. Rush and her team have worked hard to make this event happen, and seeing how she puts her heart into everything she does, I have no doubt it will be a huge success.

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