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The Graphic Design Program at Auburn consists of a tight knit group of students who show case their artistic abilities through various projects.

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The program is located in the Department of Industrial and Graphic Design and is in conjunction with the Department of Art. Through this partnership, graphic design student are exposed to courses in art, art history, web design and strong foundation in drawing and design.

“The courses I took my freshmen year in art history and drawing gave me a great foundation to start out with,” said Elizabeth Jordan, senior in graphic design.

To become enrolled in the graphic design program, students must complete three rounds of an application process. In the first round students must apply and be accepted into the one year Pre-Graphic Design Program (PATG).

“You have to complete courses like art history, drawing and six hours that goes toward the university’s core requirements,” said Sam Corcoran, senior in graphic design.

After completing the PATG students will apply to be accepted into the next step of the admissions process. At this stage, Faculty review applications and rank students in order of GPA to determine who will be accepted into the next step of the program. The top students will be selected and then will be notified to register for the appropriate classes, GDES 2210 Production Processes and GDES 2220 Typographics I.

During these classes students will work on a portfolio that includes samples of projects they have completed. The portfolio will be submitted to faculty where they will decide on which students will be accepted into the program.

“It is extremely competitive. The year I got accepted only 30 students got accepted,” said Jordan.

When students finally get into the program the projects they work on include stationary, posters, self identity projects and projects done in collaboration with companies or not for profit organizations.

“I really enjoyed working with the Girl Scouts of America for my last project,” said Corcoran.

Some projects done by students can be seen all around campus such as posters publicizing campus events, the Auburn University Christmas card, and campaign designs made for students running for SGA or other positions on campus.

“I loved to be able to use the skills I have gained in this program to use in projects for my sorority or friends on the campaign trail,” said Jordan.

The class size in graphic design is small and students are given the chance to work one on one with professors.

“I have been able to make life lasting friendships in this program as well as have the opportunity to really learn from my professors and get to know them,” said Corcoran.

To learn more about the Graphic Design Program please visit the web site or contact the office at 334.844.5350.

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