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Graphic Design Student Wins Best in Show

Kara Hendley, senior in graphic design, took home the top award of the night at the Graphic Design Juried Student Show.

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Hendley won best in show at the Graphic Design Juried Student Show. This is an annual show that features the best work from the past year by graphic design students.


“We were allowed to submit up to five works from the past year and our professors chose from those we selected what was to enter the show,” said Hendley.


More than 200 pieces were submitted into the competition. There were awards given in the following categories: Publication Design, Identity, Interactive Design, Web Design, Poster, Photography, Illustrations, Typography, Package Design, 3000 level and 2000 level.


There was one winner for each of the categories, as well as a merit winner, which was sort of the honorable mention or runner up, but the award that most were pining for was the final award presented that night, best in show.


“Everybody hopes and prays that they are going to win and when you hear best in show everyone crosses their fingers and hopes to hear their name called,” said Hendley.



Ty Wilkins, (pictured above with Hendley) from Ty Design & Illustration in Austin, Texas, judged the show. Wilkins graduated from Auburn in 2003 with a BFA in graphic design and has worked with big clients such as Target.


“It was such an honor to have him judge our show because everyone in the graphic design world is familiar with his work,” said Hendley. “It was an even greater honor for him to choose my work as the winner.”


Hendley submitted five pieces into the show, but the one that put her over the top was The Beloved Stitch logo and stationary.


“I worked on this project last fall and put so many hours of research as well as actually work into this project,” said Hendley. “It definitely was one of my more time-consuming pieces that I have worked on."


For more information on Kara Hendley and her graphic design work, you can visit her website at

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