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Career Development Services (CDS) is a wonderful place that offers Auburn students guidance for jobs and other activities on and off campus. Located in Mary Martin Hall, it is very convenient for students. From webinars to resume improvement, there is nothing CDS is not willing to help Auburn students with.  Recently, CDS held a webinar with best selling author of What Color is Your Parachute?, Richard Bolles.

In this webinar, Bolles explained that looking for a job is in itself a full time job. Many job hunters feel unsuccessful and this could easily be helped by spending more time searching for what is available. Bolles explained that while job sites online are not bad places to begin, there is only 1 job available for every 1,470 resumes posted. Therefore, websites are not always the best way to be seen by employers.

Bolles also offered other tips throughout the webinar. For example, it is very important to send two thank you notes after the interview. One should be hand written and mailed to whoever interviewed you, the other should be sent electronically, through e-mail.


He also discussed the importance of making your resume stand out. Bolles mentioned that an employer looks at a resume for approximately eight seconds. A resume should be distinct enough that you will receive an invitation for an interview.

Career Development Services offers many webinars fairly often and any student is welcome to attend. A full list of the webinars is available here. All of the services are useful and students are encouraged to utilize everything offered to them.

CDS also offers ways to help improve your interviewing skills. One of the ways to do this is to set up a mock interview with people who work in CDS. If you have an interview coming up and you tell CDS who it is with, they will research the company and make the mock interview as realistic and helpful as possible.


Not only can you go in for a mock interview, but there is also the option to have someone coach you online. All you need is a webcam. An interview coach will ask you questions and you will video yourself answering them. Afterwards, you will be sent ways to improve your answers, posture, or voice. There is even an option to count how many times you use “like” or “um,” a problem that many interviewees have when they are nervous.


Overall, CDS offers ample amounts of services to help students succeed in and out of college. So, if you are starting to look for jobs or internships and need some guidance, Career Development Services is an excellent source to get some tips and improve your skills.

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